Friday, November 2, 2012


On a long journey, I have found it critical to recognize landmarks. Why? Perspective. When you begin to recognize landmarks, you begin to see progression. You begin to see that there is forward movement. I have been hoping we'd see more movement on every front and now, it seems, the curtain is finally starting to part.

Luke Gallows, or whoever TNA management is calling him now, is unmasked, making two. So we have one mole and one enforcer. The question now is two fold. What is the purpose behind Aces and Eights and will those answers come before the final revealed member is unmasked? TNA management was originally planning on unmasking the leader at Bound for Glory, but by revealing Devon, TNA was able to breathe some new life into the storyline, giving a little more time. By revealing yet another member, TNA is able to keep up pretenses. I believe this is what slow building is SUPPOSED to look like.

I wanted to talk about this in the last column, but with the nature of Gut Check, I thought it best to simply keep things simple. NOW, I have something to say. The World Title picture in TNA is the best on the landscape. Fact is, there simply is no other organization that can touch it on the world wrestling circuit. By raising stakes and building yet another man into the structure, TNA has managed to create a position where every man involved looks good enough to have a shot. This is something that WWE could learn a few things from.

Styles, Storm, Roode, Hardy, Aries, and the recent return of Morgan with a vengeance marks something I'd like to call TNA's Elimination Chamber. With Turning Point serving as the first two doors opening, one man will be eliminated from contention for the title until Bound for Glory in the coming year, and another will be put in the chase once more. Morgan will receive his shot soon enough, but it won't be this year. There are hurdles to be jumped before that time will come. Mark my words, though, it will come. I look very forward to Matt Morgan finally reaching the top of his career and capturing the World Title in TNA.

I mean, have a look at the Turning Point card right now.....

Aries vs. Hardy in a Ladder Match for the World Title
Roode vs. Storm vs. Styles....Loser waits until Bound for Glory
Chavo and Hernandez vs. Kaz and Daniels for the Tag Team Titles

Predicted matches.....
RVD vs. Joey Ryan for the X Division Title
Matt Morgan Open Challenge
Samoa Joe vs. ?
Tara (w/ Jesse) vs. ODB (w/ Eric Young) for the Knockouts Title
Devon vs. Bully Ray

Sounds like a money worthy PPV by my opinion. I can only see benefits coming from TNA working their storylines this smoothly on a consistent basis. If this keeps up, expect live shows traveling the country in NO TIME.

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