Friday, November 30, 2012

Less is More is MORE!

There is SO much news swirling around TNA that it makes my head swim. In fact, because I HAVE to offer a bit of commentary concerning each piece of news, this is going to be done in two pieces. SO...I say let's jump in......

1. There is a return not only on the horizon, but GUARANTEED to happen by no later than January. I have been TOLD, in fact that the return will be in coming by possibly even Christmas this year. You all know I've been holding the possibility out there and, with photos of the TNA star removed AND replaced within a month's time made me believe that a deal had been hammered out. But, as it turns out, officials (namely Dixie), decided to sign the talent quietly so the return would come as greater shock. If you didn't want to be spoiled, you shouldn't have come here today. SO, without further ado, your return of the year......

Velvet Sky's return is slated to happen before year's end, and what a way to launch the Knockouts Division in the right direction! No word yet on how her return could look, whether heel or face, but my guess is that a face return could put TNA in a good place as far as the ratio goes.

2. In case there are those out there who didn't watch Impact this week, it was announced that Lockdown will be taking place in March in Texas. Why March? Dixie Carter has been vocal for a long time that TNA needs to cut back on the number of PPVs TNA puts out. Now, it seems, TNA may be on par to do just that. My model for cutting back MAY be on the table, BUT it also may be that there is simply a shuffle in order to establish some momentum in light of the Road to Wrestlemania. It's no secret that TNA has themselves at a decided disadvantage when put up against the 28 year old spectacle. HOWEVER, with WWE's ailing product, and the possibility of a lackluster Wrestlemania card this year, TNA might have a chance at gaining some ground on the battlefield.

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