Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nine Minutes....

So my opponent went 9 minutes with his reviewing of TNA last night. I read his column and shook my head. There's just no talking to some people. SO....with my mind fully made up, I DID watch Smackdown tonight, but I WON'T be going back to the camp to see if Mr. Jay has anything to say about MY review.

Where to begin.....I know: 25 minutes. WWE featured SIX matches in 25 minutes. Out of those 25 minutes, Sin Cara's little bit of offense impressed me, and WWE's BLATANT exclusion of Natalya in the 6 Diva Tag Match did as well. Now, I don't mean her name wasn't called, but rather she was never tagged in. She dressed out, but never played....I'm impressed. If there was someone on the ENTIRE roster that would be best if not crossed, I would go with the last remnant of a legitimate Women's Division you still have, Vince. But since you see fit to allow a 2 and a half minute long tag match where she isn't even INSIDE the ring, you can just tell her we'll see her soon.

For those of you math majors out there, 56 minutes of EVERYTHING WWE featured on Smackdown that WASN'T a part of the wrestling portion consisted of a 19 minute opening promo from the two teams for Survivor Series, TONS of recaps and promos, and about 8 minutes of brawling. As I said before, Sin Cara had the single piece of offense that impressed me in the entire show. No, 5 RKO's did NOT impress me. That's right, over the course of one match and a brawl, Randy Orton RKO'ed 4 different people. Damien Sandow got his TWICE. I realize there are a ton of numbers here, but I want to make a point here.

A fair amount of the people who now watch WWE don't really care about match length or even about match quality per se; so long as it's not botched, they're happy. They're willing to sacrifice a bit of logic for a decent promo. R-Truth can cut a respectable promo, as can Miz and Foley and even Ziggler, but when it came to a match between Sandow, Ziggler, Orton, and Miz, the entire enterprise was about completely forgettable. For the record, Kane and Daniel Bryan made me want to saddle up and ride to Cleveland, baseball bat in hand and go to work. I'd take bets as to how many swings it'd take to knock that train back on the tracks.

I am SICK of the lazy writing, the flat characters, the glint and glamour of the ring and presentation used as a cover-up for the shoddy workmanship of a broken down product. Vince, I have no clue how you sleep at night. People came to see your product because they believe you can turn a broken wagon around and present something worth seeing, but with Smackdown, what once was a GREAT show that featured some the best up and rising talents in the company, it has been relegated to an experience I won't be repeating anytime soon.

Here's the things about critics....we know what we like. I happen to enjoy a logical storyline in which things happen as an effect to a cause. Bobby Roode now goes ahead of James Storm in line for a title shot because he was able to defeat him with the title shot on the line. This is NO different from Edge beating Mr. Anderson (Kennedy at the time) for his Money in the Bank briefcase. Do I have a problem what Storm losing out for so long? I'm beginning to. HOWEVER, I get the feeling TNA wants this kind of reaction, else they wouldn't bother, so I'm guessing there is a point to it.

We know what we like about the products we enjoy. My opponents like to bring up ratings and Hulk Hogan promos and whatever else is the gripe of the day when WWE can scarcely bring a HALF AN HOUR OF WRESTLING TO THE TABLE!

I have an idea, folks. I'd like to try something and I encourage you all to do the same.....take a break from WWE until New Years and see what happens. Watch only Ring of Honor or TNA during that time. That includes YouTube, guys. No cheating here. WWE DOES watch their own streams there, contrary to popular opinion. Give TNA some more viewers so they catch Smackdown and see how WWE reacts.....this is MY challenge to you.

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