Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Off Limits...

Nine weeks ago, WWE was forced to make changes to their Monday Night RAW broadcast as they very nearly lost one of their own at the commentary table. Jerry Lawler collapsed and, for the weeks that followed, thank God, he recuperated and regained his strength. This was a very serious matter, something sobering that says something very potent about how fleeting and fragile a life is.

Jim Ross is a broadcasting icon. His accolades are, without doubt, among the professional wrestling world's elite. He has been WWF/E's voice for decades and has no equal in the realm of play by play commentary. I, personally, hold him in high regard as the finest in his craft.

Up until today, I had no idea how far WWE had fallen. In a return segment, welcoming Lawler, CM Punk delivered a pipe bomb. No doubt those in the white tower in Stamford had the teeming masses in mind when they put it together. They wanted to incite some kind of venom in the eyes of their viewing public so they would call for CM Punk's demise.

Jerry Jarrett posted this on Facebook following the angle....

I watched WWE last night. Jerry Lawler was returning after surviving a life threatening heart attack. I sat watching the television with a feeling of pride that they were honoring the return of such a great wrestler. I sat thinking, "now this is real class". Just when I was appreciating the class WWE was showing, it ended suddendly with a juvenile cheap heat angle. I turned the television off and starting thinking about Linda McMahon's hard work and great expense running for the Senate. It is exactly this kind of programming that prevented her from becoming a Senator. Wrestling should have some limits and boundaries. If you offend great portions of the audience, it is a bad angle.

I mentioned Jim Ross a bit earlier....or did we forget? I have to kick myself for believing Jerry Lawler would be given a heroes welcome, being honored without being trivialized by the brass. With all the times Jim Ross has been humiliated, mocked, brutalized, and discarded from view, I thought WWE would have more class than that. Clearly, my position is that some boundaries shouldn't be crossed and what was done may not affect my decision for this Friday, but it WILL affect how I move forward with their product.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were the voices behind the greatest matches in WWF/E's history and I hold them in higher regard than those in their own camp? Am I missing something here? I'm sure this is just what they wanted me to write about, which is sad.....Shame on you, Vince. Just when I think you can sink no further than your current product as a whole, the bottom drops out. And you wonder why I tuned out......

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