Monday, November 5, 2012


A number of weeks ago, Vince McMahon went on a rampage. The subject was the current WWE product's ratings. With pressure from shareholders to get ratings up or risk losing shareholders to the changing tides of the NYSE. In other words, shape up or we'll make you look very silly for opening up your company for sale to the common man. In a fit, Vince relegated one of his writers to a consultant role. The man had 10 years invested into the company and he virtually fired him outright.

Over the course of the weeks following, talents and creative team members walked on eggshells for fear of losing their jobs over the predicament. In what was described as a heated discussion, one top name put his career on the line by confronting Vince personally. In no uncertain terms, he told Vince that the company was in trouble and that he had lost touch with the fans. The scuttlebutt made it's way around the water cooler. The word is that the man to confront Vince was John Cena.

SO.....what do you do, Vince? Suspend him? Put him into the midcard shuffle? Turn him into a jobber? Or do you simply do what you did to Mr. Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, and the like and fire him before he can blink? Vince may be a lot of things......but stupid isn't one of them, despite some orders that have led me to question that assessment. John Cena isn't going to be terminated over something like this. It simply won't happen. Why? No one even touches his share of merchandise sales or the amount of money he draws by simply being ON the card of WWE events worldwide.

It DOES make one question, though....who will Vince listen to concerning the direction of his brand, performers or fans or his creative team? One thing is certain about all of this...John Cena should pay close attention to where he's stepping from now until further notice. There comes a time when the fall of a king brings down a world of hurt to his matter how they've positioned themselves.

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  1. If vince does terminate john cena in the future.... could you see a place for cena in TNA? john has made reference to the TNA brand. when vince threatened to fire cena, cena said "ill walk off this show and on to another one brother" (he said "brother" in hogans voice.) in my mind, i cant place cena in TNA anywhere. hes to big of a staple in WWE. maybe they could bring back the "thug cena" but i dont know how well that would work? your thoughts?