Monday, November 12, 2012

Proper Defense.....

Another PPV is on the books and, I must say, the good folks down south did some magic last night. I can say without doubt that, based on polls and reviews I have scoured the net reading, TNA is doing much better than SOME would give credit for. Which leads me into today.....

The gauntlet has been thrown down. A challenge has been issued and I have been called to task on the very thing this blog has come to represent....a defense of TNA's product. SO....over the course of the coming days, as the battle lines are in process of being drawn, I will be once again putting it to all of you out there reading this to make the judgments for yourselves on that very subject. My defensive and offensive posture in this endeavor is well documented here and, to those reading this blog for the first time, I bid you welcome.

Whether my task is to defend storyline, characters, presentation, booking, or the overall grading of all combined, I come to this task with no governors, no restricter plates, no red lines. I have no qualms with using examples from TNA's bigger and further reaching counterpart, WWE to justify, rebuttal, or refute.  I make no apologies for my opinion, as I would expect nothing less from those who care to debate my stance. As a former member of the ranks of the WWE defending elite, I know my opponent well. That's why I come to this column today.

I approach TNA and WWE VERY differently. My reasoning is simple. They aren't the same in more ways than many critics care to admit. TNA and WWE aren't aimed to reach the same people. TNA and WWE don't approach booking the same. TNA and WWE don't scout for talent the same. TNA and WWE don't even view their own products the same. If they don't view themselves the same, why should we?

I approach TNA with two things in mind, youth and transition. With just 10 years under their belt, TNA may have some experienced people on their staff, but they still are a young company on the wrestling landscape. Having said that, they are changing into a more stable product each year under the leadership of a more productive creative staff than in years past.

I approach WWE with two things in mind as well, age and distinction. WWE has longevity and the benefit of being the last company standing in the Monday Night War of the 90's. They also have a history of being the benchmark or measuring stick by which a lot of critics base their assessment of other companies. I, for one, feel differently about the subject.

"But don't you use WWE to make comparisons?" Ahhh...a good call. To a degree, yes. My assessments begin and end with one simple fact, though....WWE has the benefit of DECADES of experience to draw upon. TNA doesn't. That said, TNA must look to WWE, WCW, ECW, and every other TELEVISED wrestling promotion in years past to learn where not to err. Simply put, WWE is old enough to know these facts by heart and has little excuse for making the mistakes they have and currently are, by my own assessment.

SO, in order for me to make a proper defense of TNA, my approach MUST be understood. In order to make an objection to WWE's product, the approach should also be taken into account. I set this all out before gathering my weapons and making my way to the battlefield.

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