Sunday, November 18, 2012

Survivor Series.....

For those of you confused with the title of the column, I assure you, I will NOT be covering the WWE PPV for the evening. In fact, the column has nothing whatsoever to do with WWE. This is an analysis of the top tier in TNA. To clarify, events covering the past few weeks have twisted and turned the main event for the coming year. James Storm is no longer on the Final Resolution card, Austin Aries has been relegated from the main event, and AJ Styles has been put on the back burner. My questions are few....

Is the decision to make AJ Styles wait final?
Does James Storm still qualify for a title shot AFTER that given to Bobby Roode?
Is Austin Aries still feuding with Jeff Hardy after his second consecutive loss for the title?
Is there anyone else on the horizon to make challenges?

SO....beginning at the top of the list....I have difficulty believing Styles is finished with the top tier. I'll even go so far as to say that TNA has plans to give him a way out. This COULD be a blessing in disguise to one person....Christopher Daniels. I've been calling for him to get the ultimate "thank you" from Dixie and friends in the white tower in Nashville, but until now, the best way to go about it hadn't presented itself. I want to believe Final Resolution to be a good way to reintroduce Daniels and Aries in TNA instead of Ring of Honor. TNA has had a good habit of introducing someone new to the title scene each year for the past couple of years. I see no reason for them to break with that tradition. I do understand that Jeff Hardy is the champion right now, but I simply don't see it lasting beyond 3 months' time.

As far as James Storm is concerned, I see no reason whatsoever to continue denying Storm of his place as champion, but with Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray eventually, Matt Morgan, among others biding their time, I don't know entirely who TNA has in mind to push on the coming year for certain. I don't believe Storm is out for more than a month or so, but his opportunities seem inexhaustible.

That said, I do NOT believe Styles is out of contention just yet either. There are unanswered questions on that front as well. More questions is means they're making me think. So as for the last question in the TOP list?

Matt Morgan- He's been promised a prominent place on the card and I see no great place than right at the top.

Jesse Sorenson- I FULLY believe he'll get a MONSTER push upon his return but he's GOTTA get some HUGE crowd support for the World Title. I DO think it's fact, I think he could be a pretty respectable champ, but he needs to be able to pick up his ability to either talk, or let someone else do the talking for him.

Bully Ray- I don't think TNA is done with him yet. No idea what they have in mind with this whole Brooke thing, but I hope it ends fast. It WON'T work....unless it gets Brooke fired, then I'm all for it.

Chris Masters- IF TNA reveals him as a part of Aces and Eights as I understand the plan currently is, he'll get in line soon enough for a title shot, maybe late next year if his work impresses.

Abyss- I HOPE TNA pulls this Joseph Park story into the station for fuel sometime soon. It is getting WAY too stagnant without enough movement. We NEED development here. IF they decide to make tracks in bringing the monster back, I don't think a World Title reign is out of the question.

These are just a few possible newcomers to the World Title show, but anything is possible in TNA. Without WWE's glass ceiling to worry about, the sky truly IS the limit for those able to achieve the main event.

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  1. Haven't seen masters in a while i think wwe should have pushed him better tna might be a better fit look what it did for jeff bully pope dvon doc hell even taz hogan and dlo and al snow.the Brooke and bully thing is stupid.they should bring back awsome kong for the womens title.or even better but her on the heavyweight title card