Friday, November 2, 2012

The Christian Coalition.....

TNA has given another man named Christian his Gut Check.....and I only have one thing to say....they NEED him on the roster. In the name of good fun, I say we examine his credentials.....

On 8 separate occasions with a familiar face, he captured Tag Team gold. His partner? Joey Mercury.

Among those titles is a Light Heavyweight Title from an organization that wrestling history fans like myself find VERY interesting. OMEGA. You read that correctly. Founded by Matt and Jeff Hardy and working with a number of future superstars like Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, and Joey Matthews (Mercury).

His accolades range from Cruiserweight Titles all the way up to World Heavyweight Championships, showing that he can move up and down the card as needed. I can see a money attraction here as one so unique in look and style. I remember his first appearance and he looks a might looks a LOT bigger. What once was called the Test Drive after Andrew Martin's WWE character (R.I.P) has been renamed the Mood Swing. I happen to find the name intriguing and can only imagine such a name would be appropriate.

Giving such a man a cold, calculated, methodical persona could make him one of the most dangerous men in the business today IF they decide to take him on. I'm hopeful that TNA makes Christian York an Impact Wrestling staple come next week's broadcast....and if fans go to Impact Wrestling's Facebook page and vote, we just might see that become the reality.

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