Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Dukes of York.....

After giving the matter much thought, mauling it over for a time, I believe I have a few ideas for how Christian York best should be used based upon how quickly TNA decides to turn him loose on the playing field. This also plays on who his alliances could be as well. Combine those factors with history and you have a story that writes itself. So before I ramble any further let's explore....

2 Weeks.....Zema Ion

This is, perhaps, the most simple choice to make. His first opponent on TNA television in nearly 10 years. I can see so many options with a feud like this. A possible scenario could be that he was hired by someone close to Ion to keep him out of the title picture. Who? Jesse Sorenson. Could Jesse play the villain? I think it's possible, provided his coach is worthy of the title himself. Twisted justice could create a lot of buzz for Jesse as a character, to say nothing for the money match if and when he and York get the chance to eventually feud themselves.

One month.....Jeff Hardy

York and Hardy have a LONG history. Hardy flourished while York languished. Hardy moved forward, York never could for a variety of reasons. Allow TNA Creative a blank sheet of paper and a pen and they could turn out a feud worthy of the top of the card. A feud like that could mean an alliance with Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, but my personal favorite feud of Hardy is one from his previous stint in TNA.....Abyss. Aligning those two could be something special, provided that another piece or two were added to the puzzle....maybe the split personality storyline could be advanced by the aligning of Joseph Park and Christian York. I love how this could play out if the timing were right.

2 months.....Matt Morgan

Upon his debut, a Matt Morgan attack on him would make this a feud right out of the gate. He's a brighter prospect than was Crimson and the feud would have to end with Morgan getting the upper hand in order to advance him to the main event, but I can see frustration gripping him and making a second feud something that would happen without complication. Samoa Joe or Magnus or Rob Van Dam......the choices ARE out there and he is good enough as a performer to hang in the ring with any of them.

3 months.....The leader of the Aces and Eights

If the managers and higher ups hadn't had to worry about the roster because of their bullying, he would have made his mark far earlier. It could be revealed that he'd been attacked during his stay in OVW or during a house show and that could make all the difference in the world to how this feud would play out.

Beyond 3 months is difficult to say. With the landscape changing so quickly, I can't imagine things will be the same once he returns IF he comes back later than sooner. I, for one, hope TNA has the understanding that his push needs to come quickly if they can even hope to main event him in the coming years. York is good enough to main event a card right now, but he could use some time to develop a character. I say give him a rush treatment and gamble a bit, we as fans will be better for it.

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