Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Knockouts Title....

October 14, 2007- Bound for Glory of that year showcased the beginnings of one of TNA's premier titles...the Knockouts Title. In the month leading up to the PPV event, TNA's mobile service reported that TNA was in the market to start up a Women's Division. At the time, each Knockout on the roster had their place and was being featured in feuds and as valets with the men's tag teams of the time.

Salinas- Latin American Xchange
Jackie Moore- America's Most Wanted
Gail Kim- Jeff Jarrett's valet/ Petey Williams' valet

In the months leading up to Bound for Glory, Gail Kim made overtures to the higher-ups within the company about wanting to do more in TNA than simply be a valet....she wanted to wrestle. As the year wore on and other Knockouts were brought into the company, the notion of beginning a women's division began to appeal to more than one TNA official. With the headlining PPV coming into clearer focus, a decision was finally made.

Bound for Glory would feature a 10 Knockouts Gauntlet Match in which the winner would become the  very first TNA Women's Champion. What? No Knockouts Champion? Not at first. The Women's Championship was later renamed the "Knockouts" Championship the following year. Among those on the roster....

Roxxi Leveux
Velvet Sky (Talia Madison, at the time)
Angelina Love (Angel Williams at the time)
Traci Brooks
Gail Kim
Jackie Moore
Christy Hemme
Awesome Kong

Since the first championship reign of Gail Kim, a grand list of amazing Knockouts have graced TNA's stage.

Taylor Wilde
Alissa Flash
Madison Rayne
Rhaka Khan
Lacey Von Erich

Truly a dynamic division TNA has created with a fine balance of veteran and independent talents vying to win a prestigious prize....the TNA Knockouts Championship.

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