Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Timed Release.....

So TNA is going to be taped the next couple of weeks. Some would call that a step backwards. I happen to respect that decision GREATLY. With Thanksgiving coming up, TNA continued a time-honored tradition of giving their performers time to be with their families for that holiday. Further, from my understanding, TNA also plans to tape at least one week after Final Resolution for wrestlers to have Christmas as well.

I HAVE to ask....when was the last time WWE did this for their performers? With 11 hours of first run WWE programming, there simply isn't time for a holiday for WWE's finest. Sorry guys. Unless you want to lose your spot in the pecking order for a title shot, NO TURKEY FOR YOU!

Does that mean TNA is going to drop in ratings? Doubtful. If going live has made only marginal changes in their ratings, being taped for two weeks won't kill them. Besides, TNA still has something like four house shows in the two week schedule ahead. As a writer, I find it IMMENSELY important to not only report on what I hear, but ALSO what I see firsthand. That said, even if you decide to ruin the surprise and read ahead of the schedule....don't deny TNA a viewing as well.

If you DON'T want to ruin it and simply watch, I will only say that the next two weeks will prove interesting as I'm seeing TNA as a far better promoter of young talent after the events in the coming weeks.

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