Thursday, November 8, 2012

Twisting a Main Event....

Lately I've been giving some thought to Survivor Series, not from a WWE standpoint, but from TNA's perspective. It occurs to me that WWE changed their main event from a traditional Survivor Series match, which would have featured Team Foley vs. Team Punk to a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Title. I happen to believe this to have been a colossal mistake as most people would have wanted to see a square-off between the two teams with Mick Foley at ringside.

But this column isn't about WWE and my opinion of their main event. I had a revelation, a period of clarity, the lighting in a bottle moment that wouldn't stay silent in my head. WWE changed their main event because, in their opinion, tag team main events don't draw money. Why not do that JUST TO PROVE THEM WRONG? Put the Tag Team Titles on the line in a 30 minute long wrestling clinic with two teams that would tear it up.

The prospect of this sounds like a dig at the man, and it is...but there is SO much more to it that simply poking the giant on the hill with a stick. MY idea has a bit of history to bring the whole thing about that would put to death any notion of which company has the benefits of their specialty division at heart. I say we pull the trigger on something like this. During the next couple of columns, I'd like to explore what a main event with the X Division, Knockouts Division, and TV Title could look like, but right now, my goal is to build a Tag Team Title Match on PPV that would draw some attention. So let's get to it......

The Teams:

If there is to be any decent main event, there MUST be at LEAST two teams present to bring about the attention of the public at large. My picks are simple and yet, I believe no one would see them least not in the form I would take them.

1. Kaz and Daniels
In my humble opinion, these two men singularly saved the Tag Team Division. I believe this is the best place for each of them in the company right now as they are truly a dynamic team. The chemistry in ring is reminiscent of the New Age Outlaws in terms of their understanding of positioning and how the other partner is thinking. They can move appropriately without words or signals because they know the other will be in the right place at the right time.

2. HERE is where I turn it all on its head.....because neither member of this team is on the roster yet. I realize that Tyler Reks has been away for a while and even has retired from the business, but this is only an example of how I would book this. I see a unique blending of the two styles with a similar look  and I would use that as my launching pad. The persona I would want to create here is something
Tyler Reks
different from what TNA is used to putting out in the Tag Team Division. I don't even have name for a team like this, but here's what I would want to see from them:

Cold, calculated, methodical, and dark....I envision something like a throwback to the Brood with a better manager than Gangrel. I picture a more modest entrance without them necessarily coming out of a circle of flame on the floor of the Impact Zone ramp.

Christian York
I am all for nostalgia and the bringing back of former talents for the right reasons and I think there is one talent I feel would be suited for the task of walking the two to the ring and doing all the talking and negotiating on their behalf. His name is synonymous with the word devious in the land of TNA. His New Church wrought chaos and division in the land and it gave rise to the Triple X tag stable led by one Christopher Daniels. I think it's time he made a return to take on another run with a perspective pair of dark horse champions. You all know where I'm going with this and I don't think there's a person reading this who could disagree that the best person to lead a pair like this into battle is none other than Father James Mitchell.
I would like to see the feud between the Reks/York and Kaz/Daniels pairings come to a point where Daniels makes a return to the Fallen Angel moniker that made him a staple to TNA's product. THAT, is where I would put the Tag Team Championship at the main event of a PPV....

This match would almost HAVE to have some kind of gimmick, whether we're talking Ladder Match as a tribute to the Brood feud from 1999 between the Hardy Boyz and Edge/Christian OR if we're talking about something like a simple cage match at Lockdown. Whichever is decided upon would be HUGE in the world of professional wrestling. Why? Because WWE hasn't done it. Ever. Even during the MASSIVELY successful TLC matches during the early 2000's, the Tag Titles were on the line, but not in the main event on PPV. Think of the backlash it could cause in WWE, who have gone so far as to cut the The Tag Team Division from the card at Wrestlemania, moving it instead to the pre-show.

I could write the storyline that encapsulates how this feud would take off, but I'll leave that for another time. Think of the possibilities outside of a World Title main event. WWE does it often, but not in a way that elevates someone from the undercard.....

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