Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where I'm Coming From....

In all the time I've been writing here, I've been asked one question more than any other...."Why does a TNA-guy write so many words about WWE?" I've answered that question before, but then, I've also answered a certain John Cena question before and, in light of current events and the continued direction of the company I once stood behind, it seems like a fair question to me to answer once more. I usually don't like to make judgments upon things until I've weighed out all the variables, but in the case concerning WWE, I have made a few premature opinion calls. Now that time has passed, suddenly my opinions don't sound so far fetched.

SO....why do I write so many words about WWE? WWE let me down as they have millions of Attitude and post-Attitude era fans. With that letdown comes a desire for redemption. At one time, I wanted that for the WWE product....to see WWE rise above the haze of distraction; to put aside the unrelenting desire for dividends and stock options for shareholders in favor of an acceptable product embraced by two throngs of fans.....but nothing changed. Not for the better, anyway.

When I found TNA, they were just beginning and I knew something special was happening. A number 2 organization was beginning to take shape. I loved the intimate feel of the product, the talent on the roster, and the raw element making up the brand. TNA was special and so it is now. I found an oasis from the downturn of a WWE product I no longer believed in. Even in spite of what some called the "WWE has beens", I was able to find a freshness even in familiar characters that was just not to be found in the WWE product.

So is it because TNA is on the rise that I write about WWE so much? Partly, but even more than that, I write about WWE because this is the vantage point of history. This is the roost from which columnists saw the WCW/WWF Monday Night War, giving their commentary about which company had the edge or the lack thereof. This is the balcony from which a grander view of the big picture can be readily seen. From this point, TNA can be seen in their adolescence, rebelling against a system that favors a younger audience at the expense of the veteran viewer.

I write about WWE because TNA is now what WWE USED to be.....innovative, fresh, imaginative, and a land of opportunity where those downtrodden, beaten down, independent, and unshackled by the yoke of move bans, trademarked likenesses, and scripted commentary are replaced by wide open spaces. I write about WWE because I get to be a play-by-play announcer in the battle ahead....calling out blows one by one. I'm not Jim Ross, nor do I claim to be, but TNA is in the most unique position they have EVER been in.....they now have the attention of a larger group of critics who are waiting to see if their newfound trust is deserved......that they might be able to spark something that has been lost a while.

And that's my business....to take the critics to task. Prove to me and to the people let down that WWE still has something to offer. So far, I've had no takers. 11 hours of first run WWE programming now litter the television landscape. WWE sees fit to flood the market with their product....a lesser product than they'd been putting out a decade ago. Quantity isn't quality in this case, folks....and I put it to the WWE to prove me wrong.

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  1. So why do so may watch the wwe brands if they have dissapointed so many? why were there nearly 80,000 people at lasts years wrestlmania? I love TNA, dont me wrong... but the scores of people that you talk about, that are so dissapointed in the wwe, seem to still be following wwe closley. they pack out arenas on a weekly basis. im not a basher of either company, because i love both so much,i agree that wwe could afford to be a little edgier.... but so many things are pushing the moral envelope right now, a little tv pg right now..... isnt really hurting anyone.