Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wrestling Analysis.....

I'd like to take some time to evaluate the two wrestling superpowers. By using a few simple guidelines, I'll assign a numeric value out of 100 points to each company in a number of categories. My categories for this particular analysis are for:

Match Quality- How well are the matches on the weekly card put together?
Roster Talent- Whose roster is better trained?
Storyline- Is there enough room for writers to explore their product within their rating?
PPV- Is the PPV up to par with their weekly product?
Leadership- Are there enough ring generals and oversight with the product as a whole?

Match Quality- WWE and TNA are far from equal in terms of match quality. However, WWE has been making strides to try and shore up the odds by strengthening their Tag Team Division, BUT they've taken a huge hit with the departure of Beth Phoenix. TNA has also taken their share of wounds with the departures over the course of the year, but with the additions being made on a more cumulative  scale to their top tier, the edge has to go to TNA.

WWE: 90
TNA: 95

Roster Talent- How best to put it.....WWE is only just beginning to re-learn how to scout talents in the current market. Where once they recruited from their own farm league in OVW, TNA is now looking to them as well as their alliances in Japan among other places in the independent landscape. WWE once held a great position as the place where the greats are born, TNA is fast becoming a better source. With veteran talents like Kurt Angle, Sting, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and Devon to help bring new talents up to snuff, it seems clear to me that TNA has the edge here as well. Can you really believe John Cena, Randy Orton, and Big Show to be teaching the younger performers how things are done? I thought not.

WWE: 95
TNA: 99

PPV: WWE has always held up their end of the bargain in terms of packaging. Clean, solid lines with smoke and mirrors to gloss over the flaws. I have never had a problem with WWE's presentation and their intros, video packages, music video montages, and camera angles in their presenting of their product is unrivaled. TNA is working on some of that, but let's face it, with nowhere near the financial backing and far less experience on their side, WWE takes the contest.

WWE: 95
TNA: 89

Leadership: WWE has had the luxury of being under the tutelage of one of the last great promoters of the last century. Unfortunately, he's had troubles determining just how control he's willing to give up to his successors. This is a knock on the product because unity of focus and direction play HUGE into the morale and success of both performers on screen and writers behind the scenes. TNA, however, have found themselves in a unique position. They have managed to land a creative staff with a proven track record, veteran stars to pull off whatever is being thrown out, and enough young talents with the wherewithall to go with the flow. This is critical for the future of either product represented here and if a brand has difficulty making the proper changes needed to succeed, they deserve to fail.

WWE: 89 and falling
TNA: 89 and rising

Storyline: If WWE hadn't pulled a page out of the worst storyline on TNA's best Hogan/ Bischoff year, I might have given them a better grade. If they hadn't used the referee to screw over Ryback and then put him into the Survivor Series match under Team Foley instead of using Foley himself, I might have given them higher marks. If WWE wasn't so focused upon what John Cena's storyline is going to be next at the top of the card, I might have given them a higher spot. TNA, on the other hand, has been doing a fine job of maintaining their poise under the leadership of Creative Head Bruce Pritchard, who took over the role near the end of last year to finish off the loose ends of the previous head. Since this time, the Aces and Eights storyline has taken root, the Tag Team Division has been staying on camera, the Knockouts have been shuffled a bit, and the World Title picture has become a thriving piece of real estate.

WWE: 75
TNA: 90

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