Saturday, December 8, 2012

Survival Tactix: 1/3/13

Among the problems with the last Impact, there was this promo that captured my attention. "The Road to Hell will be paved in their blood....." Interesting. My mind RACED after I gave it some thought. My booking imagination ran on overdrive as I explored what could be in the very near future.....

At Final Resolution, Angle's Army are DISMANTLED. There is no 4 on 4 battle. Instead, the floodgates open and there's no member of the TNA roster big enough to make a dent on the numbers game. Sting is still absent from the hammer beatdown, but his music hits anyway, causing the flock to disperse out of the building. The Icon is watching from the rafters, and he isn't alone. Another blackened figure stands alongside, looming.

The weeks count down until finally only two weeks remain until Lockdown and Hogan is given a challenge by the ICON. He claims that he's brought three friends to join in the festivities.....Sounds like a good thing is coming. Right? Don't be too sure. Aces and Eights decide that taking prisoners is done and so they need to make an example of someone close to the situation.....Joseph Park.

The problem? Joseph Park is NOWHERE to be found. That's right, folks. Mr. Park has made himself scarce. At Lockdown, Hogan gets a pair of text messages.

"Hulk, I'm safe. Called up a friend. Reinforcements are here."  AND
"Hulkster, mutual friend got in touch. Game on"

Team TNA has had 3 members and the numbers disadvantage going into the Lethal Lockdown match. The players are AJ Styles, Bully Ray, and James Storm, but the final TWO members had been under TBA rule.....until the countdown had begun.

Styles and Storm had been eliminated and there were three in the cage when Sting's music rings into the arena. The crowd ERUPTS and the ICON, strolls into the cage to be swarmed almost immediately. He hulks up and goes into whooping mode and eventually falls to the ground and, to the surprise of the faction, he starts laughing. They each look at each other before going back to the beatdown and then the white fire rings out and down to the ring comes Father Mitchell.....alone. But as the spotlight has focused on Mitchell, it remains dark inside the cage.....that is, until Sting stands up and takes up his bat, revealing that Abyss has entered the ring with Janice and each has dispatched two of the three final Aces and Eights. With the final masked member alone in the cage, the man is revealed to be.......

And THAT'S where good writing comes could be just about ANYONE. It could be Crimson. It could be Jeff Jarrett. It could be Joseph Park. It could be a SECOND Abyss. Point is.....the final member gets revealed at Lockdown which SHOULD lead into a very interesting spring season, provided TNA can make the storyline stretch that far.

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  1. hopefully this will be like when the wwe brought in y2j last year. every week the promo will get a little extended untill someone new is introduced to the roster to take on aces and eights