Saturday, December 22, 2012

Survival Tactix: 2013's Coming Attractions- Knockouts Division

In the last column, I talked about the short term future as well as that looking from mid-late year. Since I very much want to see something special occur in this division as the Knockouts Division could use a little bit of life breathed into it. Granted, when Knockouts have matches on PPV or TV, they get some time......6-8 minutes, in fact, but what's missing is representation.

Let's have a look at the roster right now......

Velvet Sky
Mickie James
Gail Kim
Taeler Hendrix
Madison Rayne

Can anyone tell me who has been missing as of late? In the past month, all but two have made appearances on IMPACT......Rosita and Sarita. I DO predict that sooner than later, we will see the latina Knockouts return to TV. I, however, have ANOTHER piece of news that I think makes the latin ladies return even more special. This piece relates to a project TNA has been running for the past couple of months. British Boot Camp, which will be airing in a couple of weeks, has two BRAND NEW Knockouts potentials.....the Blossom Twins. Have a look....

This pair of potentials could help TNA do SOMETHING with the Knockouts Tag Team Division. As I have said NUMEROUS times, if they aren't going to work with it, they need to retire it. I believe that enough backlash has happened for the head of creative do give the Knockouts TIME, now it's time to see them REPRESENTED and an emphasis on the Tag Title in that division IS on the horizon, by my prediction.

As for who will gain some prominence? TNA is really looking to build new stars for EVERY division and I believe the Knockouts are no different on that front. That said, the Knockouts who HAVEN'T won the big belt, but very well could if given the right set of circumstances are Taeler Hendrix, who has generated a fan following of late, AND ODB. An ODB title reign would be something special because she's been around since the beginning of the division and DESERVES it.

In the short term, I see a return of Velvet Sky to a championship reign and, I believe it also possible for Sky and Tessmacher to team for a few matches in the Tag Division as well. No matter what the spot on the card, I get the feeling Velvet will be a major player in the revival of the division to prominence.

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