Sunday, December 16, 2012

Survival Tactix: 2013's Contenders....

I've decided to try my hand at who will be standing in the on deck circle for each of the TNA titles. I realize this could become a bit dodgy as 2012 isn't even over, but over the course of the column, I'll explore our options.....

TV Title

TNA is so fickle with their choosing of who will battle for this belt. That said, it seems nearly impossible to say who will hold the belt from one week to the next. But even with those limitations, my guesses for future champions in 2013 are:

Kurt Angle
Mr. Anderson
Joey Ryan
Christian York

Since I have no real contenders to go on other than who has been on the list in the past year, those are my contender choices. It's been TNA's habit of booking a small list of contenders for this belt, as Robbie E. was given ENDLESS chances to hold and recapture it this year.

Tag Team Titles

TNA has been doing a good job of keeping teams together long enough to make the titles worth fighting over. That said, there are a number of teams TNA has used to keep the division in working order recently. Of those, I believe the champions will go something like this...

Joey Ryan/Matt Morgan
Aces and Eights
Christian York/Jeff Hardy

Since Chavo and Hernandez are already holding the belts, I've simply left them of the list for the time being. It seems they'll be fighting over them for a time. I'm hopeful we'll see a possible Aces and Eights UNMASKED team come to the dance in the coming months, ultimately capturing all of the gold shortly before dissolving. With the York/Hardy team up, it'd be a short term thing, but I can see it bringing Christian into notoriety as a world class TV performer.

Knockouts Title

Is there any doubt that Velvet Sky is going to be on this list? Seriously. Aside from the obvious, I believe we can include the Knockouts we've seen in recent weeks as contenders.

Velvet Sky
Madison Rayne
Mickie James
Gail Kim

This is half of the Knockouts Division. Truly that says something about how serious TNA cares about keeping people in the loop. It's a nice change to see more than just two or three Knockouts on the docket.

Knockouts Tag Team Titles

Yep, TNA still has 'em under ODB and Young, but 2013 is a new year and I believe we'll see a resurgence in the Knockouts Tag Division. That said, I think we'll see teams like this.....

Taeler Hendrix/ Tessmacher
Rosita/ Sarita
Jillian Hall/ Madison Rayne

The last team nay only be a possibility as I know Hall was given a tryout and garnered high marks from TNA officials. Whether she is ultimately signed or not? That remains to be seen. On a side note, my personal dream team would be Melina and Velvet Sky, but this is reality and it's only moderately possible we'll ever see that teaming.

X Title

This is the belt people love to bring up. They want to say it's been forgotten, but with RVD as the current title holder, it seems somehow less likely for that to be true. Simply put, I can see a rejuvenation coming in the wind as Jesse Sorenson's return is imminent. Expect his return to be something special and perhaps even the weeks leading into Lockdown, we can expect to see his return. So here it goes....

Kenny King
Zema Ion
Jesse Sorenson
Kid Kash

I have seen TNA do some special things with the division in the months leading up to Jesse Sorenson's injury. That said, I see no reason why Kid Kash, who helped make Jesse's rise possible, couldn't be the one to hold the belt as a pioneer of the division to begin with. Would he be able to cash in for the World Title? Doubtful, but there IS someone I'd love to see given a try...

World Title

This title has been fought over RABIDLY in the past year and a half or so and it's been quite possibly the most important World Title in the business today, in this writer's humble opinion, having headlined every TNA PPV since forever. With that said, I see a long line of contenders...some veiled in mystery, others as yet untested. Nevertheless, here are my contenders for the World Title......

Matt Morgan
Bully Ray
Jesse Sorenson
Leader of Aces and Eights
James Storm
Austin Aries

I can see some of you shaking your heads at Jesse. My question is WHY? TNA has NEVER, with the exception of AJ Styles, had a white bread babyface champion since their inception. He is TNA's answer to John Cena. The difference is, he can move like a wrecking ball in the ring in a way Cena could only dream. I would LOVE to see each one with a respectable reign, but I know full well that cannot be, at least not in the way I imagine it. Some will be dominant, while others will be space filler, waiting for the next in line to take their place.

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