Thursday, December 6, 2012

Survival Tactix: Booking for Dummies.....

You've all seen the show as of late. You know of the plight of a young grand slam champion who has become a victim of circumstance as of late. What you DON'T know is why. Why would TNA upper management put one of their star players in a place some would call " lost in the shuffle"? Why would TNA put their golden boy, AJ Styles, in a place on the roster that is, by very definition, on the shelf?

One of two reasons seems to hold true here.

1. Title Chase.

TNA is wanting to put the World Title on Styles within the next 6 months.


2. Focus Shift.

TNA has the notion of putting Styles into a situation that's bigger than the title scene for the moment.

With either scenario, there are perks and with each scenario, there are complications. In the first, Styles returns to his roots and goes back to the X Division, winning the championship and cutting the wait time in half by challenging for the World Title at Destination X. Complication? What about the impending return of Jesse Sorenson? What about his promise at LAST year's festivities? As I recall, he promised to win the coveted title by defeating his rival, Zema Ion and go on to win the World Title.

The perk of AJ returning to the X Division is variety. His presence brings different pairings, different matches, different combinations of competitors. AJ vs. Kid Kash is a throwback, while AJ vs. Zema Ion gives the young former champion a chance to test his iron against one of the great X Division innovators. Combine that with the ultimate face-off against the current champion, RVD, and you've got a match made in heaven.

NOW, shift gears with me to transplant Styles into the main stage with the Aces and Eights. He's been a victim before and has a vested interest in seeing the faction answer for their crimes against the rest of the roster. If TNA decided to bring back the roster faction known as the Frontline, AJ would be the logical first choice as a member of the group, having been a part of the first incarnation. Combine Samoa Joe, Angle, and a few other honorable mentions and you have the making of a decent way to wrap up the Aces and Eights angle AND a bonus. If Jeff Jarrett turns out to be the one beneath the President's mask, you have a built in feud between innovator and founder. Face of the company vs. founder of the company. Workhorse vs. show horse. You can decide which is which, as far as I'm concerned.

Complication? The only complications lie in the hands of the decision makers in TNA headquarters and in TNA Creative. Do they really want to revive a dead faction from so long ago? The bane of the Main Event Mafia NEEDS to make a return to fend off the current threat and, provided they can come in force, the Aces and Eights could find themselves playing on the wrong end of the numbers game. he going to challenge sooner or later? Do they book him as the pursuer of the title belt or do they set him on a quest? Does AJ Styles rise to recapture the big gold belt or does he retreat to enter a world of self-discovery? Only the top brass can say for sure, but my hopes are that, wherever he ends up, he's in a place of prominence.

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  1. Very intresting aspects. The only thing I donn't like is how they are currently playing his character. To me it seems like he has evolved from being the complete goody to shoes guy from a few years ago when he was partnering up with Sting and had a lack of confidence angle play there. To becoming this over the top Ric Flair styled ego like he is better then everyone. To now he is slumping back down to what he was. In my opinion you can't go back again and needs to continue to evolve to something better and not let him slump back down to that lost puppy angle of a few years ago. That is one thing all promotions should learn to do and Hogan is a perfect example to this once he dropped that leg on. Savage he couldn't go back to the take your vitamins and say your prayers of old and oh how did they try. It took him Crossing the Line to finally evolve into what he is today. I feel they are making the same mistake that WCW/WWE made with him that TNA seems to be doing with Styles. I think he should move more toward the Lone Wolf type anti-hero that would grow the character. And I might be wrong but that was the vibe I got on the last couple of episodes with TNA with the cameraes showing him with this lost puppy eyed dog look and saying how "unfocused" he is.