Sunday, December 30, 2012

Survival Tactix: Caught YOU!

Since I'm JUST that kind of guy, I figured you all would enjoy the irony of this little piece of footage. I find it funny just how small the world is, but I'll ALSO bet that this PPV, in particular, was one of the most entertaining ones she's ever been to.....including those she's been IN. Okay, okay.....I'm actually kinda sorry for that little jab. That was just in fun, but there IS something more serious I had in mind for this column.....

WWE has been in talks for quite some time with one of their highest drawing superstars, who has been off the grid for a time traveling. Chris Jericho has had simply one request of WWE, from sources close to the situation...a part time schedule so he can pursue his musical and other miscellaneous endeavors, which WWE, and more specifically Vince, was not willing to negotiate upon.

So then, THIS column is to explore what might happen if, in a calculated risk, Chris Jericho decided to take his chances in a short term deal with TNA. Let's assume that his appearances are limited with a maximum of 3 PPVs to use his talents on. If I am to properly guess, I would need to use a template...I believe Matt Morgan would be the most wise. If memory serves me correctly, he was used about 25-30 times over the course of the last contract year. By my best guess, Jericho would only be used half of that time, with limited engagement at VIP Weekends and the like, save for Bound for Glory, provided his schedule allows. This would allow TNA to boost the price, even if only slightly, for a chance to get Jericho's autograph alongside their own contracted legends.

As for where he would fit into the puzzle? THAT would be interesting. Remember Devon's conversation about "smart muscle"? How about the crack about being a bit of a "prima donna"? Sound familiar to anyone else? Eric Bischoff would be foolish not to seize that opportunity and work at bringing Jericho into the main story driving Impact right now. If Chris Jericho were to be revealed as one of the men behind the masks, TNA would run off the charts, provided they hyped up a huge match between the VP of the Aces and Eights against someone like Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, or even put number one contendership on the line and bring Bully Ray into the mix. Why? I am SO glad you asked.

Any one of these men have already faced Jericho in singles competition, first of all. Secondly, even if he lost in unceremonious fashion, he'd give someone like Bully Ray the final piece of his quest toward the World Title AND reveal himself to be one of the orchestrators of the faction designed to sabotage the forward movement of Hulk Hogan and Sting. I ask you.....who better to pull that off than Chris Jericho? He's wanted to be heel in his last run, this would put him over the top, but not as a loser-type, even if he lost his first match, you could chalk it up to ring rust or part of the grand design, setting up a possible rematch for the title, if need be. Point is, A puzzle piece the caliber of Jericho WOULD be a game-changer, PROVIDED TNA was willing to do a few things.....

1. PLUG the HECK out of the VP of Aces and Eights vs. member of TNA's finest match on EVERY channel they can pay off with the stipulation that the mask comes off if he loses.

2. Announce the signing from the rooftops long before his debut.

3. Set up an alliance with one or two from the "old days".

Once Jericho is revealed as the VP behind the faction, it'll make some critics sit up and take notice of TNA's poise these days. It'll also mean the burning of 5 dates or so from a possible 10-15. Unfortunately, that cannot be avoided. At any rate, this is just a simple outline and potential timeline as of yet, but I don't count on rumors until the ink is dry, which it isn't.

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  1. That sounds awesome. How about taking it a step further and bring in maybe Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn or anyone else that was good in WCW hayday that got thrown to the curb when they were bought out or left before the ship sank. Then they could make it a whole retaliation for being screwed by the "WWF" made wrestlers (mainly Hogan) and Bischoff that brought them all in. Then Sting would just be caught in the middle since he is the Icon.