Monday, December 24, 2012

Survival Tactix: Coming Attractions- Tag Team Division

I have one thing to say about this before I say ANYTHING else......if anyone tries to say TNA's Tag Team Division is lacking, you are out of your mind! Lemme run down the list for ya.......

Bad Influence (Kazarian and Daniels)
Gunner/ Kid Kash
Kenny King/King Mo
Robbie E./Robbie T

Looking at this list kinda reminds me of Smackdown from about 2005-06. Back then, you had a couple of serious teams and a slew of teams that could make it if WWE Creative would simply get behind them and give them a shot. That's what I see here. In my eyes, each one has a good shot at becoming something special if given the right story and the nod to go through with it.

I know.....Kenny King and King Mo aren't official yet, but TNA Creative has plans of putting them together and seeing where it goes. The hope is that King Mo will bring in the more MMA persuaded fan. If thing work well under that line of thinking, they may give the pairing a run with the titles. My response? GREAT! I have been a fan of Kenny King since he came into TNA and even though my opinions of King Mo are really null and void, I think he could be a valuable asset to the roster as a wrestler even moreso than Brock Lesnar is to WWE due to his ability to be on screen more often in the coming year.

One thing TNA has going for them is a simple thought process......a tag team needs to look like they belong together and aren't just thrown together......there needs to be a cohesive element that joins two individuals as a team and TNA seems to understand this concept far more than WWE right now. Let me illustrate.......

Bad Influence (Ring attire)
Ryan/Morgan (Attitude)
Chavo/Hernandez (Ethnicity)
Gunner/Kid Kash (Skin Art)
Kenny King/King Mo (Namesake)
Robbie E./Robbie T. (Ring attire and Namesake)

As for my predictions on the year upcoming? Well, you've got the Kenny King partnership impending even as this post goes up, but outside of that, my predictions HAVE to pick Ryan and Morgan and the Kaz/Daniels teaming to become the tag team feud of the year until that time. I believe that the stronger personalities like Daniels, Ryan, even Kenny King, once he's had the chance to exert it, will rise to the top of the division while the muscle teams (Kash and Gunner, Robbie E./T.) will find themselves serving as the enhancement teams, helping make the stronger teams look good.

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