Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Survival Tactix: Coming Attractions- TNA

Today marks a very special day. To all of you who bear with the ravings and the wanderings this blog offers, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This ALSO marks the final predictions column for 2013's events. I have covered every division TNA currently has and that only leaves one thing.....where TNA goes as a whole in the coming year.

For the past couple of years, I've been predicting a second show in syndication, but for whatever reason, the timing has not been quite right for them to put the plan into action. I have stated that Dixie and company HAS plans to put out another show, but until the details iron themselves out, news on that front has remained rather "hush hush".

Gut Check will remain intact going into 2013 and the possibility of adding to the ranks of the ailing divisions is mounting. This much is a very encouraging fact. If TNA continues to pick up men and women ANYTHING in the vein of Christian York or Taeler Hendrix, we're in for a very good year indeed.

I also predict we'll see precisely what I predicted for a PPV schedule with a month absent of a PPV presence. TNA will put on 3 hour Specials to shore up the amount of time without that presence. Does this mean the edging out of other PPVs? Doubtful. I believe 8 or 9 on each year is just fine for business and really will prove that once the turning of the year has run its course.

WWE will continue to pluck TNA for storyline ideas and people will continue to write about it in forums and argue about it on Facebook walls. And this one is the kicker....some of the undercard performers that WWE has in their employ....those that fear their jobs are on the line since the debuts of NXT's finest, they'll ask for, and receive release from their contracts. My favorite part of that equation is that at LEAST one will be given a tryout and possibly a contract in TNA and they'll do exactly what they've been doing for the past few years.....creating something decent from what WWE hadn't the patience or the fortitude of pushing.

Aces and Eights will finally run their course fully in 2013, but remnants of the faction will continue to band together until they've been ether driven from the roster and returned to new packaging OR put in a position where their persona status is changed. By banding together, I mean a possible tag team or something like that.

This MAY be the year TNA escapes the 1.0 rut. It took a full year before the new regime began figuring out just what the fans of TNA are actually looking for AND garnering some outside casual fans besides. Now that WWE is taking notice and is even taking pot shots from time to time, I think TNA is bound for some higher numbers, particularly going into the U.K. tour this coming February. I happen to predict that if TNA comes out of those shows strongly, the product is in for a PHENOMENAL year.

And lastly, but certainly not least, there IS still the possibility of a second show....a kind of hour long dose of programming that ISN'T a reality type show, but rather an extension of the TNA brand. I surmise that even now, TNA upper management is shopping around for another outlet as Spike, as good to them as they are, simply can't be the only home of TNA. With the current financial woes of Ring of Honor, who have put Jim Cornette on indefinite leave, TNA COULD square a deal with Sinclair's FOX syndicate, provided the negotiations are respectable enough. SO, 2013 looks like a promising year to come, but only those in the white tower and the fans have the power to make it be just that.

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