Sunday, December 23, 2012

Survival Tactix: Coming Attractions- TV Title

If there was ever a title TNA could be more confusing with, it's this one. Is it important? What do they want to use it for? Is it a tool to test potential stars with? Is it the benchmark for how dominant a star on their roster is? There is no rhyme or reason to how TNA is booking the defenses OR challenges for the TV Title.

NOW, if I were booking the title? That, folks, would be something to see....I would make it the ultimate test of fortitude. The TV Title would be the one to fight for on Impact as a gateway towards the World Heavyweight Title. THIS would be where the big boys would begin their journey.

Hypothetically, if Matt Morgan were to win this title from Devon and were to hold it until Lockdown, he COULD be called the most dominant champion to have held the belt simply by virtue of doing so in spite of the Aces and Eights. Would TNA do that? I'd love to see them try it.

As for my all depends how seriously TNA management wants to invest time and creative energy into the TV Title as a booking tool. IF the answer is that they WANT to invest......I predict this title to be the single most fought over title in TNA within 2 months and the champion by the time those months are over would win the World Title before Bound for Glory.

My pick for the next champion would be Morgan, but truth be told, I wouldn't be a BIT surprised if AJ Styles won it and held it for the duration of the Aces and Eights story. I love the notion of another member of Aces and Eights were to take it from Devon, leading to a rift within the faction, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Christian York were to be given the ball to run with either. The point?

If TNA decides they simply want it to be a sideshow, a secondary belt with no real storyline value, it really makes no difference who wins the thing and, in essence, should be retired as another useless piece of TNA memorabilia.

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