Sunday, December 23, 2012

Survival Tactix: Coming Attractions- X Division

In this list of coming attractions, I have covered the Knockouts and Main Event Picture. The columns to come contain what may be on the way for the Tag Teams AND a few debuts and returns to finish off the year. However, today is X Division day and determining the value of X to the TNA product as a whole.

First things first, everyone reading this NEEDS to know what has happened so far.....

Chris Sabin re-injured his knee in a spot during his return match, sidelining him indefinitely.

Sonjay Dutt dislocated his shoulder in the X Division Title Ultimate X Match at Destination X this year, which complicated his chances of winning his first X Title. Some will bring up the fact that he competed after his dislocation had been worked back into place, but he ALSO was working under a short term deal with TNA to give the division a bit of a nitrous boost.

Jesse Sorenson was injured early in the year, as everyone knows if you've watched TNA from the beginning of the year.

Kid Kash was relegated to the Tag Team Division with Gunner and has been used as an active reserve performer in THAT division.

So WHO does that leave? Zema Ion, RVD, Doug there anyone I missed? That depends ENTIRELY on whether or not the weight limit is still in place. To the best of my understanding, the limit was 225, but Van Dam weighs closer to 240. Without the restrictor plate in place, we could be looking at Magnus, Mr. Anderson, Christian York, even Samoa Joe. The point is.....TNA isn't giving the X Division any definitive limits; no limits of any kind, actually. This complicates how the division can be booked. BUT, since I've been doing it anyway, I may as well give it a shot.

Next year, Jesse Sorenson WILL be returning. This much has been written in stone. Fact is, he's been cleared to wrestle right NOW, but TNA is wanting him to work his way back to Impact, taking his time to ensure that no further damage is done to keep him away from ring time.

Another scenario TNA is toying with is AJ Styles returning to the X Division and claiming the title going into Destination X so as to trump the stipulation of Turning Point. My prediction on THAT front is that TNA officials will want to see how well the return of Jesse is received BEFORE pulling the trigger on either entering into the main event picture in the first place. IF Jesse is being given the proper instruction and training he needs in ring and on the microphone, TNA seems willing to make his return as big as any in the year, even so much as to chance him in a World Title role, provided the public takes to him.

As it has gone each year, TNA seems VERY committed to putting out a season feel to the division, which is a bit of a shame. It just seems they invest more in the division when it comes time for the spotlight PPV than they do at any other time in the year. I, however, predict a greater emphasis moving forward into the year as TNA works hard to put all hands on deck, filling in places where some weakness has been showing through.

I also predict a couple of debuts coming into the X Division fold. Once training has finished, I see Alex Silva and Sam Shaw moving in to fill spots. Beyond that, little is certain......


  1. Kenny King will have other things on his mind in the coming weeks.

  2. I believe tna needs to bring back jay lethal.

  3. Hmmm. Thought he was being worked into a feud with RVD for the title. Could also work an angle with Joey Ryan winning it, with interference.