Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Survival Tactix: Duality....

So a hearty welcome to my new partner in crime. After quite a while in planning, it's nice to have a second opinion to try and balance this thing out even further. Truth be told, this blog is a tough thing to do on the daily. After conspiring about the coming topics and news, I hope you'll all share in that same excitement.

Before I go much further with this, I'd like to apologize for my not getting this post up as quickly as normal. I have been profoundly sick. Never in my life have I worked so hard for so little result than I have with this column. This column sat unfinished for nearly two days as I poked and plodded between coughing fits. That said, I hope it isn't the fuzziness that brings you all back for another round. Now that I'm on the mend and I no longer feel like my head could fall off if I'm not careful, I can go back in and do what I've been doing.

As promised, I will address the remaining questions from the last column, but there IS something much more pressing. I've watched Impact back and there's something I don't quite understand. What happened to Al Snow? It's been announced that Devon is going to get his shot to regain the TV Title in the coming days, so if that was the case, was Snow abducted as insurance? Does D-Lo Brown have a part to play in aiding Wes Brisco in getting a job on the roster and are they both related?

It's been a long time since I was actually excited about a wrestling show and for TNA to have that kind of effect, it's kinda nice. Part of the appeal was that since I was unable to get up ANYWAY, this served as a welcome escape from my room. I've already talked about what gave me some pause in the show, but it seemed like everything within the show needed to be there. Had one segment, one promo, one appearance been cut, it simply wouldn't have been the show it was.

But on to what you came here to read.....my answers to my final two questions. While it may sound a bit like a cop out, I plan on letting my cohort answer a world without a Divas Division, bringing me to answer what I prefer, NXT vs. Gut Check. More than a few naysayers has tossed out terms like "copycat" or "ripoff" to describe Gut Check, but I think it best to simply dispense with that kind of folly for the time being and simply look at the talents involved. For the moment, we've got 5 Gut Check Winners and we've got 3 NXT call ups. While bias has its place, I won't have it in this column today. I have gone through and looked at tape of each man and woman, watching them wrestle, talk, and how they carry themselves. I, personally, would LOVE to see some matches between the two parties, but since that isn't possible, I have to give the edge to WWE.

I'm sure your breathing has gone cold, but let me explain. WWE has featured their call ups for the past 3 or 4 weeks now. TNA has only had one showing for theirs. It all comes down to accessibility. WWE makes their cast of rookies accessible and puts them into a place where they're seen. TNA has yet to do that just yet. My assessment may change down the road, provided TNA can put their rookies back into the mix and give the some worthwhile things to be doing other than challenging each other.

So now you've seen a small picture of this duality and though my exploration for a new format for this site has hit a roadblock or two, rest assured, the new look will put some much needed freshness back into the page.


  1. I fully think that Al Snow going missing, D-lo stepping in and Wes getting a contract are related. For a long time I have thought that D-lo was a part of Aces & 8's. Since way back when he was casting doubt in management about how they were getting into the building and more recently I have come to think that he may be the VP. In some of the recent fights with the VP involved his hood has fallen back and even though his head is still covered D-lo has a very distinctively shaped head.

  2. I think it be pretty cool to have a couple of Aces & 8s be either old wrestlers from WCW or family memebers from that era that Hogan and or Bischoff screwed over with the backstage politics. I think that would tie perfectly with Jarret being the leader of the faction. One example could even be Chavo as a member. Him and Eddie were both hosed in those days.