Friday, December 7, 2012

Survival Tactix: Ebb and Flow.....

I'm aggravated right now. Miffed. Upset. This week's Impact was irritating. Let me run down my grievances.

1. AJ's beatdown. Already, I was a little annoyed by this. A three on one? REALLY? This early in the night? C'mon guys,  there has GOT to be a better way to put this segment together. AJ walks down, cue up Storm's music and James Storm tells AJ he doesn't have to go out there on his own. AJ doesn't listen, still gets a beat down, but Storm makes the save and Hardy jumps in after the numbers game gets overwhelming. Yeah, it's been done, but it's effective and no one takes it in the teeth until the end of the night.

2. Knockouts segment. I HATED this. Nothing told me to go get a sandwich more than this little joke of a segment. One Knockout interrupts another Knockout interrupting ANOTHER Knockout. I'd have sent my wife to the ring with a bat and a blessing to hit everything with a pulse and not to stop until they've stopped moving. This was SUPPOSED to be a big return and you RUINED IT! Velvet Sky could have been declared an enforcer or a special guest referee, but NO. Just another part of a futile segment.

3. Women with Aces and Eights segment. Pointless. Seriously. This. Was. Pointless. What does this prove, TNA? They can round up some willing gals for a few dollars and the promise of a Jello shot or two after the show? Sorry, guys, but this was as useless as an elevator in an outhouse.

4. The SECOND Aces and Eights beatdown. I didn't even have as big a problem with the beatdown itself as I did the finish. They're leaving through the corner they typically come when in force. In my opinion, Angle and friends should have met them right at the entrance and the camera should have ended in a massive brawl between Angle's Army and the Aces and Eights, revealing a member in the process. I don't even count the finish to the Joe and Devon match a beatdown. It was more like a distraction and didn't even bother me because I EXPECTED it to happen, just like every other person in that Impact Zone.

5. Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries. WHAT TOOK HOGAN SO LONG TO ANNOUNCE THE MATCH?! Was there something left off of his Rolodex preventing him from doing this? Did he somehow get lost in the severe LACK of complication in making this happen? Exactly WHO has been a bigger part of the show than Ray and Aries? EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!

The biggest problem with all 4 of these little irritations? They sabotaged the FLOW of the show. Had they left well enough alone and stuck with a safe little go home show where the guys got angry with the other guys and there was a big brawl, letting everybody and their brother know they're gonna kill each other on PPV Sunday...... If the Knockouts had a little spat and Brooke makes the enforcer for the Sunday match INSTEAD and had the return as a surprise rather than the train wreck.....if  TNA had stuck to what works instead of trying to be different for the sake of being different, they could have salvaged what SHOULD have been a decent show.

All is not lost, but they SEVERELY hurt the chances of buyrates for this PPV when they NEEDED to makes strong showing for it. I'll still be watching, but they made me hesitate last night. The sad thing about the whole show is that despite letting some time pass, it STILL burns me that they could degenerate some parts and not others. The X Division match was well done. The Tag Team match was predictable, but enjoyable while it lasted. I didn't even mind the Devon vs. Joe and DOC vs. Angle matches as they furthered the storyline and led to a match for Sunday.

We'll explore the final card for the PPV in the next column, but for now, let's call it a wrap.

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