Sunday, December 9, 2012

Survival Tactix: Final Resolution?

I have mixed feelings about this PPV that took place. However, despite some mixed feelings, I will give props to a couple of things done RIGHT.

1. TNA broke one of WWE's "sacred rules". You know the one I'm talking about, too.

"Never use your opponent's finisher on them, otherwise they'll kick out and win."

I called the win, but the finish was priceless. Let's not get crazy, the match was no slouch either. In any case, TNA broke the rules. I was STOKED. When a move is effective, it SHOULDN'T matter who uses it.....and THERE, ladies and gentlemen, is your proof.

Before I go on to something ELSE done right, I'd like to address a grievance....however, it all depends ENTIRELY on the treatment of the situation on Impact this week. We saw NO new revelations here in the Aces and Eights ranks. Does it matter? Unless something happens BEFORE Genesis, I believe it DOES matter. TNA skips a PPV in February, which means that if Genesis doesn't do SOMETHING HUGE, TNA will have to work that much harder to regain their poise, and any fans they may lose in keeping this at arms' length.

There WAS one point I thought COULD have been a smart move. Angle had delivered a finisher to the smaller of the two masked members and pinned him. Once the ref had laid down his hand for the three count, Angle COULD have pulled the mask.....tell me you wouldn't have pulled the mask and gotten a bit of that power back. Oh well....I digress, Thursday pending.

2. Despite Hardy retaining the belt, the faction broke the "deal" brokered by Bobby Roode and that means Hardy goes into the next PPV damaged....again. But this time, Roode has suffered at the hands of the Devil, so to speak. You don't make deals with terrorists. Hopefully, this is lesson learned for Bobby Roode. The Aces and Eights swarm beating surprised me as I thought it'd come as Roode signaled for it, but when it came AFTER the fact, it made me wonder......what is the EndGame? Well played, TNA. You've bought yourself until Thursday to explain how this all goes down.

Truth be told, Angle's Army faired quite well in spite of the flaws in the line-up. That said, Garett Bischoff pulled off a very nice looking DDT that I was happy to see done without a botch job and Wes Brisco did some pretty effective brawling, leading me to believe that HE came to play in the big boys yard.

3. Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries had something creep into the mix that I didn't exactly see coming. When Bully told Hulk to get Brooke someplace safe, it MAY have broke through a little hole in the armor that can allow THIS story to move forward without delay. By proving himself a man of even MARGINAL virtue, hopefully Hulk (in storyline) will listen to WHATEVER the big deal is between Ray and Brooke, which we all know is something less than savory. Would anyone ELSE be surprised if Brooke turned out to have had a part in the Aces and Eights story we DON'T know about yet? I didn't think so. In any case, thanks to ANOTHER little ripple of foreshadowing, we have Thursday to look forward to for SOMETHING to hang our hats on.

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  1. Im going to januarys ppv im excited i belive thats a good to unmask at least a 3rd guy