Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Survival Tactix: For Hire.....

So now Aces and Eights are for hire....we've got a combination of the Sons of Anarchy and the APA. I only have a slight problem with that. Fact is, I'm not even bothered by it unless it continues. I've been saying it for a while and I'm getting sick of saying it. TNA NEEDS to move this forward. There are those who believe the Aces and Eights are becoming a staple of the TNA product INSTEAD of a passing storyline, WHICH IT IS.

There's this stagnant feel about the faction now that is beginning to turn what was once interesting into something else. I'm finding that I'm having MORE problems with Aces and Eights NOW than I was before Devon was revealed. Ladies and gentlemen, this should not be. We've all been patient and I think it's time TNA moved beyond this because now it looks like they're stalling for time. I don't like that feeling because I KNOW it doesn't have to feel that way. When it's difficult to know which month we're in based on the story, we have a problem and right now, we have a very big problem.

Who is the boss right now? Are we any closer to finding this out?

What is the ultimate purpose behind the Aces and Eights? Are we any closer to finding THIS out?

What are they waiting for?

Why attack at random if you have an ultimate goal in mind? Wouldn't it make more sense to come, take what you want, demand what doesn't come immediately, and reveal what the purpose was to begin with?

I want some answers from the show and I want them in the coming weeks. If January 3rd hits and nothing happens, Tactix will be livid.

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