Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Survival Tactix: Happy Returns......

I've talked about the return of Velvet Sky, but Final Resolution may end up with the joke being on a certain faction and a man who fell victim.....have a look.

In the wrestling world, a month's worth of recovery time is plenty for the kind of beating Sting took, at least if there's not an actual match planned. He can come to the ring bandaged and battered, so long as he doesn't come alone.

My opinion of TNA's booking of the current story is that they're doing just fine for the moment, but as I've said before, there needs to be another revelation and the beginning of a wind down pattern before TNA fans and critics alike begin to start tuning out. By my calculations, it seems right about time for there to be something coming down the pike and I wouldn't doubt we'd be looking at a BIG revelation since TNA has moved up Lockdown by an entire month.

With Eric Young on the sidelines indefinitely, ODB too may find herself on the rampage on her husband's behalf. Could this mean that Aces and Eights have a female member waiting in the ranks somewhere hidden up until now? Don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind as well. If there ever was a time to reveal THAT kind of secret, this would be that time. In truth, there is only one woman I could ever pick to fill the shoes of a gang like Aces and Eights, but who's to say if she'd ever return to battle on TNA's battlegrounds. She's gone on record in saying she wouldn't come back, but then so did Devon, if you'll remember. Who is my pick?

One could say that Kharma could strike WWE even now, should Kong decide to return to her TNA roots. First, however, Mr. Hogan owes her a HUGE apology for how poorly his former best friend treated her backstage and the oversight committee would have to make a promise that Hogan wouldn't be on the booking team when it comes to her character. In all fairness, she is within her rights to make any demands and have them met by TNA officials should she decide to make a return to the squared circle under her former home's banner once more.

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