Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Survival Tactix: How to "Knock-out" Aces and Eights...

THIS column is not from my own mind....but I LOVE the way Wes Wesley thinks. Such forward thinking is to be aspired and built upon. Now that credit has been given where it's due, Here's the question....

"How would you bring a Knockout into Aces and Eights?"

Hmmm...well...truth be told, the best time, in my humble opinion is on the first LIVE Impact of the New Year. Why? Because no one would predict it to be coming and there would be no spoilers to get in the way of the surprise of it. NOW, because of just how TNA's roster is set up, I wouldn't bring in one Knockout, I'd bring in THREE. Why? Simple. With three, it would be possible to compete for BOTH Knockouts titles at the same time.

But that's only HALF the reason. The other half has to do with how they make their debut. This HAS to be a shock event. Without the shock value, the whole debut is shot, in my opinion. Here's MY booking......

At the top of Impact, Aces and Eights' resident voice changer spokesman announces that on Open Fight Night, no one is safe. He continues, by saying that every champion is being put on notice and there are NO exceptions.

Hogan has his hands full with every champion in his office, demanding some kind of protection. He says that though Aces and Eights are pretty heartless, even THEY wouldn't be foolish enough to go after the Knockouts Division, but just in case, he's giving them the night off for their own protection and has security walk them out.....

Sting comes out to address the crowd. He announces that since Hulk has his roster to look after and that since Stinger's his right hand man, he makes it MANDATORY that every contender for the titles they respectively are vying for to look out for their champion. He says that there are no longer enemies within when the enemies of TNA are gunning for the entire roster. Anyone who allows their champion to be attacked alone will forfeit their respective title shots.

Elsewhere, security officers are found strewn about the backstage area by Brooke, who sees a couple of faction members guarding the exit. The other Knockouts are unharmed, but Jesse is laying in front of the exit door, mumbling that Tara's in trouble. Once Hulk, Kurt Angle and Angle's Army approach the exit, the faction members scatter.

They open the door and Tara has been bludgeoned, along with ODB. It LOOKS like the MEN have done this.....for sure, and Hulk storms to the ring in the final segment of the night to give the faction hell for what they've done. Devon comes to the faction's entrance at the corner of the ring, telling them that it wasn't them that attacked the Knockouts. He says "Let's just say we've done some recruiting...."

From there, you could allow paranoia to spread until Lockdown's announcement puts ALL members of Aces and Eights on the card in some form or fashion. That means the two KNOCKOUTS members of Aces and Eights responsible for ODB's beating would face off against Eric Young and ODB for the Knockouts Tag Titles. In addition, the Knockout responsible for TARA'S demise would face her for the Knockouts Title. Since every match is in the cage, it is speculated that the cage will keep outside interference from entering. As for my picks?

Knockouts Tag Team challengers......Rosita and Sarita
Knockouts Title challenger.......Jillian Hall or Melina

I would LOVE to see a debut for the Knockouts Division who can carry a match and ANY of them qualify under that condition.

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