Saturday, December 15, 2012

Survival Tactix: More of What's Right....

In the last column, we looked at a few things right in wrestling today. In this one, I'd like to continue in that vein and look at a few more things, giving credit where credit is due to new faces and old personalities alike.

Attraction Legends......

The Undertaker

I don't think there are two better representatives to hold this title than the icons of their brands. Unfortunately for WWE fans, the only get to see their icon at one time per year. TNA fans are treated to Sting a few more times than that. While these days are memorable, we remember they won't last forever with these icons and so, I give them their recognition this day.

Unsung Heroes......

This category I give to those talents who have yet to gain notoriety, but are working their way to that end. These men and women continually train and hone in order to move into a more prominent position on the card of their respective brand.....

Sam Shaw
Alex Silva
Alex Riley
Cody Rhodes

I look to these men and women as they seem to be just on the cusp of entering into a bigger place on the card than they currently are in. There are others as well, but this set of columns can only accommodate so many, just as the shows they represent.

Enhancement Talents.....

I give this name to those who are the teachers and do a tremendous job of instructing newer talents in the ways of how to carry the torch once their time to retire has come. These selfless men and women have nothing to prove and are among the finest performers in the world and can work with ANY talent from top of the card down.....

Kid Kash
Chavo Guerrero
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder

Break Outs.....

These talents are tomorrow's flag holders and will grow into fine working examples of how the business has done right by them. I see a good crop of young talents out there and I am hopeful their brands can utilize their gifts in the best possible way......

Christian York
Taeler Hendrix
Damien Sandow
Dean Ambrose
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins

Best of Both Worlds......

I wanted to use this category to put my shine on the best men and women to perform as BOTH heel and face. I believe these to be the best in the industry today due to their versatility to play both parts....

Eric Young
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Kurt Angle
Mr. Anderson
Bully Ray
Mickie James
Velvet Sky
Gail Kim
Christopher Daniels

Truth be told, I had John Cena on this list as well for his work in 2002-03, BUT since WWE's "grand master plan" is for him to remain a face for all eternity, he stays behind. Each is SO tremendously talented and I can't deny they put the best parts of their gifts on display every time they're on camera. I think the best part of this category is that each man or woman on this list seems to be having genuine fun in their role.

Last, but Not Least....The Dream Makers.....

I give this title to those who have shaped this year's best surprises. These talents have found themselves in the best place on the card, to the surprise of many who have been watching the patterns as long as I....

Brooke Adams (Miss Tessmacher)
Daniel Bryan
Austin Aries
Velvet Sky
Mark Henry

While one of these might only be making it onto this list by virtue of accomplishments made before succumbing to injury and possible retirement (Henry) and another by her return (Sky), the rest have made it onto the list by grabbing the top rung on the ladder and, against all odds, holding on for a respectable time. They have won the biggest title in their division and brand and can only punctuate that success by regaining that title to add to their accolades.

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  1. i am sorry here but you have now done two lists of what is right in wresteling. both times you have missed out the best person the most consistant person in wresteling. somoa joe. how can you miss a person out like him. imo he should be top of the best of both caturgary. (sorry for the spelling)