Thursday, December 27, 2012

Survival Tactix: Picking Up Business.....

In less than a day, I have gotten such an overwhelming response to a question posed that I scarcely know where to begin. While I have my own ideas as to the answer to the question, you, as members of TNA's fanbase know a great deal about the problem. As for the question itself?

"What is TNA's biggest problem preventing them from gaining ratings ground?"

Among all the over 100 answers, however, there was a theme that began to appear. Have a look.....

Hogan-----6 Sided Ring (Yes, the two are related)
Rebuilding Divisions
Returns and Debuts
Venue Size
Time (Both in general AND TV time)
Young blood not getting enough push
WWE Loyalists
Dead Weight

Some of the themes that are shining through here, guys and gals, have to do with TNA's acquisitions and losses in the past 2 years. Only one factor, in fact, on this list TNA can do absolutely nothing about......the fans. WWE loyalists are going to call TNA the land of "WWE Rejects". I'll even go so far as to say that it isn't TNA's responsibility to convince the fanboys. Those fans will always be there. BUT as for the other things on the list? I think it's time to have a closer look.....

If there is ANYTHING on this list that has more merit than the others, it's this. TNA does precious little to advertise the product outside of morning show appearances by LOCAL talents. An example? Kurt Angle made an appearance on a local Philadelphia talk show shortly before Bound for Glory. The point is, TNA is sparing with their television appearances to promote the product. Why? I have no idea. It could be funds, but I doubt it. TNA is willing to spend more money to recruit more talent than they are to promote the product and I, for one, have no idea why. Without name recognition, you, as a promotion, have nothing.

The Hogans.....
I heard this answer more than once and though I'm NOT a fan of Brooke or her role in the organization, I DO think Hulk Hogan has helped TNA. The announcement of his involvement gave SOME name recognition to the brand, BUT likening to a two sided blade, he alienated some of the fans by his role in TNA disgarding the 6 Sided Ring. Before anyone has any ideas of lynching him in town square, I think his reasoning has some merit. He stated that the 4 Sided Ring is about tradition and not using that format alienates some of the more classical wrestling fans. In a word, he's right. By the same token, I'm finding out, though, he's wrong. With each post I read suggesting that they want to see the 6 Sides back, I HAVE to wonder.....would it help? I say it would make no difference at all.

Fans asked for Samoa Joe as Champion....TNA Delivered and there was no rise.
Fans asked for big names to debut......TNA Delivered and there was no rise.
Fans asked for more TNA originals to become Champions.....TNA Delivered and there was no rise.
Fans asked for a rebuilding of the X Division.....TNA gave fans an ENTIRE PPV built around it.
Do you see the trend?

In the coming days, we'll keep exploring. I've said it before, the fans are generators invaluable to the whole process. Without them, TNA wouldn't exist, but without them, they wouldn't grow either.

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  1. If they only came to illinois I would buy every event that went