Thursday, December 20, 2012

Survival Tactix: Playing Face Up?

The most recent 1/3/13 promo is Sting....which begs the question: Is TNA playing their cards face up rather than close to the vest? You can call me crazy, if you like, but I don't think it's that simple....particularly not when the end of the year taping is nigh. Sting may return and he may have a good week, but there's something stirring underneath. The thing is, I don't think it's even from Sting. I have seen this pattern before, though. Sting will get his bat back, and he'll use it. We'll have another big brawl, but when a promotion gives away the surprise before it gets here, expect something more than just a return or a debut.

Something IS beginning to bother me. At the end of Impact, Bully Ray is kissing Brooke. I'm not talking about a little peck on the cheek "thanks for being a good friend" either. He asks what he has to do for Hulk to trust him. Here's a thought you may not have considered.....LEAVE BROOKE ALONE! Seems simple enough. A though crossed my mind as I watched and it terrified me. If it turns out that Ray ISN'T her main squeeze? I know where my thoughts will go from there. AJ Lee's TNA doppelganger. You can try to tell me Lee's the best thing since sliced bread, but all I see is a gal whose been around the track more times than an INDY 500 Pace Car.

This column is full of wanderings....why? TWO reasons.....

1. In order to keep the important pieces of this blog working like they should, I HAVE to keep writing. I read a quote by Ray Bradbury once. He said that the more a man writes, the more he CAN write, which is an encouraging thought once all is said and done.

2. Right now, things in TNA look to be in a state of transition. AJ Styles is going from face to perhaps a heel; Bully Ray isn't sure where he stands; Kenny King has turned heel.....because TNA is trying to find ways to keep the current storylines moving until such time as they can turn a profit with them, I've got to TRY and give them the benefit of the doubt.

This brings something ELSE to mind.....if I may be so bold to ask, why is it that TNA fans have this peculiar idea that the X Division was otherworldly about 6 years ago? Keep in mind this era brought Curry Man, which I thought was a terminal outing from the beginning. I understand the desire for highspots, believe me. I like a good HOLY S(*@ moment as much as the next guy, but I DON'T believe THAT'S where it ends. Only a couple of years later, Doug Williams held the belt for a lengthy time and did so with superb mat tactics and a flair for chain wrestling that was quite simply unrivaled at the time. In a match on Impact, he was able to match a healthy Kurt Angle move for move, which is really saying something. Additionally, there weren't 30 X Division stars THEN either.

What I think people are REALLY saying, but won't admit it, is that TNA needs to bring back the World X Cup. That's right, I said it. WWE wants to start up their own Cruiserweight Division once they've launched their network, but TNA had the monopoly on that kind of daredevil. Truth be told, the  World X Cup outdates Curry Man and Suicide. It runs back to the days of Sonny Siaki and Team Canada's captain, Petey Williams. It put guys like Elix Skipper, Hector Garza, Puma, La Parka, and Matt Sydel (Evan Bourne) on display. Yeah, there were highspots, but there were also very few rest holds, submissions, and countouts. I'll admit, I'd LOVE to see TNA bring back the event. I'd also love to see King of the Mountain again, but who knows how THAT'LL play out?

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