Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Survival Tactix: Spoiled.....

Note: If you don't want ANY spoilers, don't go further. Everyone else, feel free to read ahead at your leisure.

I've got a couple of things to say before Thursday.

Austin Aries and Bully Ray's little battle is being put on the back burner for the week. Why? Because Aries wants his title back. So apparently, the finish to Final Resolution was a double cross and where Bobby Roode believed HE had the last word by paying Aces and Eights to take out Hardy the Impact broadcast before the PPV. BUT, Aries had paid them to take out Hardy AND Bobby Roode AFTER the Final Resolution match. My question is, why was Triple H never THIS good at being behind more than one story thread at the same time? He's pulling strings with the Hogans on that front and other strings for another title shot for himself. Looks like SOMEBODY'S been reading a previous column called "Mastermind". I love seeing ideas from this page play out on the screen. It makes the time spent behind this screen seem a bit more worthwhile.

The rise of Velvet Sky begins. Mickie James may have been a passing storm, but finally, we get more than Mickie, Gail, or Tara this week. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne. is good when two TNA Knockouts Division originals are back in ring to do business. As I predicted, things ARE getting better already.

We have THREE weeks left until the infamous 1/3/13 and I've been scouring for news to that end. So far, there are a FEW returns/debuts swirling around the fray.

1. Abyss. This is the one I'm hoping for with a twist. If Joseph Park FINALLY gets himself whacked the week before and finds himself put into a coma state only to return to the ring as the monster himself, this could be the culmination of a good thing, and if he makes a heel turn in the process, aligning as the leader of Aces and Eights, my vote is cast as THIS being one of the best character turns of ALL TIME.

2. Sting. This is one I've heard most often and, frankly, this is the most simple one to predict. He's been away for nearly 2 months and this COULD be the best time to bring the ICON back into the mix, but THIS time, I think a "take no prisoners" type of character NEEDS to be on the horizon and he HAS to snap, and with a couple other performers behind him as well.

3. Chris Jericho. I've heard his name tossed around a LOT lately and, if THIS rumor turns out to be true, this could be an interesting storyline indeed. Do I find it a very likely debut? Nope. Why? Because of who's running the show right now. However, if the current regime, Dixie, and the upper crust of management have the extra money they saved when they let Flair go, Jericho would be a GREAT replacement as he is so much more versatile both in ring and out.

The next couple are ones I'd LOVE to see make a crossover into the current timeline to make an impact just like the days of old and COULD under the circumstances......

4. Monty Brown. This one could be the most welcome return IF he came in as a member of Team TNA as a face. If he came in as a human wrecking machine behind Sting, his return could be a fantastic addition to the current landscape. The only drawback I can see is in the way of where he would land AFTER the Aces and Eights have been dispatched. Once those involved have been added to the roster, I fear Brown COULD fade into the background, much as I hope against it.

5. Chris Harris. Having a return of the "Wildcat" to aid James Storm would be epic. Admit it. If America's Most Wanted came together of a one time short run to help purge TNA of Aces and Eights, I'd be on board with the prospect. NOW, if it turned out Harris had been working alongside Aces and Eights the whole time? That heel turn would also find him an immediate spot on the roster, provided the space were available. See? This is the problem with virtually any new talent. With the amount of performers already locked into contract, I fear someone new could get lost in the shuffle. And with Gut Check challenges every month, the possibility of newcomers goes up as well.

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  1. TNA has brought the Aces & Eights to far and its getting boring. They have had several opportunitys to unmask members of Aces & eights and havent. They need to bring out and unmask all the members really soon and bring the main plot into light. When all the members of Aces & Eights have been revealed the faction dont have to split up. I think it would be a good adittion if TNA gets a faction to counter Aces & Eights. There are several on the TNA roster that are good guys and that would make a good faction. I belive Sting, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Gareth Bishoff, Wes Brisco, Christian York, Curt Angle and AJ Styles would make a great counter faction to battle Aces & Eights even after all members have been revealed. Then you have both veteran superstars and some new blood in the faction and that will bring back the exitement and possibiltis TNA had with immortal and fortune factions. I think that in todays pro wrestling factions batteling eachother will bring more exitement than only one on one storys. I belive that it would be good to bring in females into both faction to make it more interesting. Since Booby Roode have had dealings with Aces & Eights him turning to be a member would bring a nice and unexpected twist to the plot. The same with Bully Ray joining with the TNA to battle Aces & Eights permanently. If the faction story line is going to reach the full potential it has TNA need a faction of there own. Like in the old days with NWO and WCW where WCW stars joined forces to become a faction of there own and later on NWO B/W vs NWO Wolfpack. WWE never really got to that height with DX, The Nexus or The Corre faction since they never had any counter faction. I belive faction vs faction is necesary in todays pro wrestling alongside the regular one on one storylines. It makes a more complete and unpredictable show while now its almost to predictable. You know each episode someone is going to be attacked by Aces & Eights so you just sit and wait for it to happen. Start reveling the rest of the mambers before its to late and bring the main plot to light and for gods sake form a counter faction of TNA superstars instead of the ocation runins to help someone.