Sunday, December 30, 2012

Survival Tactix: Status.....

Pro Wresting Illustrated's blog stated that TNA is "vastly improved from where it was a year ago, but is not generating the kind of groundswell that's necessary among fans to contribute to a bona fide wrestling boon." Agree? Disagree?

I very much agree, but where PWI claims this year a "clean slate", I happen to believe TNA is already in process of building a great year for the company: experimenting with the PPV formula, starting out the year with a potential BANG in the way of a Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title at Genesis, AND the potential for the Aces and Eights to move forward from the dead stop they had come to. All of these things are built upon what foundations have been laid this year.

Now I realize a few of you out there really want to see Aces and Eights just disappear, at least that's what I read when I posed the question of what was holding TNA back from getting the ratings they need to begin a road towards grabbing for the golden ring. I propose that you don't want to see them disappear as much as you want to see the natural digression once the story has run its course. Let me explain.....If the Aces and Eights were to suddenly vanish, TNA would have NOTHING upon which to base their Lockdown event around this year. Not only so, but we would have nearly 8 weeks of programming in which to try and build something from nothing. Not my idea of a progressive way of doing things.

What needs to happen is for the story to simply move past the faction and allow pieces to fall off and for the clan to collapse and business to return to usual. This is how a faction story is supposed to work: formation, storyline and agenda, endgame, dispersal. A simple formula with a simple set of variables and a NATURAL course of events. What we need is MOVEMENT, not dismissal of things already set in motion.

I think of 2012 as the year TNA finally began to realize their own identity. TNA is about wrestling, bearing more Match of the Year contenders than any other company on the landscape. TNA is about passing the torch, having created brand new champions this year as a testament to their resolve in doing just that. TNA is about exploring new ground, having experimented with renovated concepts and trying out new ideas. TNA is about recognition of every man and woman on their roster. Even when some aren't being featured on television, they have tried to promote them on their web shows and even allowed them to take on outside work to fill in gaps where the ability to feature them on television falls short. This is where wrestling matters.

This year has been more fruitful for the life of this humble daily column than I can ever convey and I owe it to you, those who visit this site and do me the honor of a daily hearing. Thank you more than you know. Passing along the word has helped this blog grow and, as always, my goal will remain the same in return, a running commentary on the journey this company is undertaking onward and upward.

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  1. I totally agree. Nothing more annoying then a storyline that is completly dropped like it never happened. Like the unknown GM of RAW. Or GTV. Yeah they were dumb, but people were scratching their head like a piece was missing. Let Aces & 8s progress naturally and actually do something substantial with them.