Saturday, December 1, 2012

Survival Tactix: Teetering....

There are so many writers for so many websites who enjoy lending their notions regarding the balance in the court of public opinion between WWE and TNA. And even though my opinion may be no different in the grand scheme of things, I'd like to hope that this column is a bit of a reality check to those who mistakenly believe TNA is on some kind of downward spiral. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So this column is titled with a bit of cryptic language, isn't it? For want of a better way of saying it, I'd like to ask a few pointed questions, if I may......

If WWE were to go strictly new blood in their world title scene right now, would they be able to compete against TNA with the same conditions? For example, if CM Punk were to drop the title to a first timer and as would the Big Show, who would fair better?

If TNA were to be given a big dose of financial adrenaline, could they make a quicker climb to the top?

What would happen if WWE were to drop the Divas Title altogether?

Recent NXT Call ups vs. TNA Gut Check Winners....who wins?

These are a few questions that make me believe this business is teetering. With one camp looking at TNA as a viable WWE alternative and former TNA fans slowly coming back around, while the WWE faithful remain steadfast, could there really be a shift in the balance on the horizon?

Exploring the World Title scene for each company gives me FAR more hope that TNA will enter the frontline on the right foot than their competition. With Matt Morgan, Bully Ray, a possible return reign of Jesse Sorenson, who is yet untested even as an X Division Champion, and even Joey Ryan, who is showing great strides as of late, the prospects look pretty bright.

Keep in mind that every man listed would be a first time World Champion on a United States televised and based promotion. When looking on the WWE front, I see Ryback and that's about it. I heard some of you thinking Dolph Ziggler, but technically, he's already BEEN a World Champion once. But even if he were included, you would almost HAVE to put James Storm into the same mix under those conditions.

The issue of a huge financial injection into the proverbial vein of the TNA product, in my eyes is simply a non issue. Would the next 500 million dollar lottery winner be a help or a hinderance to TNA's forward progress? My answer is both. If the one who won gave the funds did so with no strings, it COULD be helpful. But I believe it to be more likely that a well wisher would set upon a "brilliant" plan to follow the advice of Kevin Nash. His advice at one time to TNA management was to put 500 million dollars towards the purchase of John Cena's contract and to move from there. The cost of THAT mistake, however, would be far more than that of simply the funds paid.

The last two questions, I fear, should remain until the next column, but rest assured, the answers will come, indeed.

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