Saturday, December 29, 2012

Survival Tactix: Threats....Triple or Otherwise....

It seems obvious to me what's coming.....Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship. Aside from Unbreakable 2005's main event, this could very well be TNA's finest Triple Threat Match in their history. Hard-hitting, acrobatic, filled with high impact spots and some technical bouts of mat chain wrestling.

I took a trip down memory lane just today and saw something pretty magical. Those of you who remember the 2002 Royal Rumble will remember a four man face-off featuring some pretty special personalities. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Mr. Perfect lit up the mat that night and made a wonderful blend of old school and next generation which brings me back into what I've talked about over the course of this blog's lifetime. When veterans are used in a way that puts together dream match-ups and highlight feuds, you know you have something special.

Think about Sting vs. AJ Styles, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe, RVD vs. Zema Ion, and Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries.....these are feuds between some of the finest of two generations, brought together in attempts to create something new by simply putting the matches together. But this is only the first step to creating success. You can't simply drop out the veterans and hope the youth will take the reins on their own. It quite simply doesn't work. Thankfully, TNA has been able to take the criticism and turn it into a big bold "I told you so" for all the doubters who thought bringing in WWE's Future Endeavors Club members was a bad idea. I'll sit back and watch the fruits of good decision making work its magic the right way.

NOW.....this brings me full circle. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries.......this is a dream feud representing main event caliber performers from THREE DIFFERENT WORLDS. Austin Aries represents the cream of the crop of Ring of Honor's elite graduates. Jeff Hardy represents one of the finest members of the Attitude Era's Tag Team Division. And last, but least, Bobby Roode, Team Canada's most successful representative and one of TNA's best heels in their history. Just think about this as something you would never get from WWE. Without delving into old material, this kind of rivalry would never have seen light at the top of the card in the current climate of the WWE machine, but perhaps in another time, we may just's tough telling. They brought Steve Austin, Mr. Perfect, Kurt Angle, and Triple H together for one night over a decade ago, so the age old saying sticks around.......never say never.

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