Monday, December 10, 2012

Survival Tactix: Why, You Ask?



This question pops up on forums and message boards the web over today. Truthfully, I don't see the big deal in this case. AJ Styles has done EVERYTHING in TNA. Why does he HAVE to be at the top of the card every time? You TNA fanboys BETTER have a better answer than "Because he's a TNA Original and because he's such a talented performer." Seriously, I hear this kind of answer ALL THE TIME.

Yes, he's VERY talented. Yes, he's a TNA original and has done it all. SO WHAT?! Forgive me if I don't share the same opinion. Now, before you all come to my house with pitchforks and shovels and torches, let me explain that it ISN'T because I'm anti-AJ. In fact, he's my favorite member of the TNA roster BAR NONE. HOWEVER, he's being used in a way that makes sense. Picture this......

In 2002, Shawn Michaels came back to WWE in a wrestling capacity. NOW, if you could combine EVERY PPV match from his SECOND run in the big leagues, how many MAIN EVENT matches did he have? Less than 10. Really?! Yep. Why do I compare AJ Styles to Shawn Michaels? My answer to that is SIMPLE. BOTH are grand slam champions in their respective wrestling companies. Even though HBK is technically retired, he still makes appearances from time to time. AJ Styles, in some circles, has been called a better athlete. There IS a case for that, BUT I don't happen to agree fully with that assessment. My biggest reason to compare the two is because AJ Styles doesn't NEED any more accolades to "cap" off his resume. Neither did Michaels in his second run.

I am a HUGE Styles fan and fully believe there's a reason for the current downturn in his circumstances on paper. If it were left to me to book it, I'd say he comes back at Lockdown and keeps pushing on into the Bound for Glory Series as a SERIOUS competitor and ultimately wins, leading to a short program where an argument branches out over stipulations of Turning Point's match and how it relates to the current dilemma. I say he WINS the World Title and goes on to feud with Matt Morgan, ultimately dropping the belt to him after a short run. But right now, I say let him disappear from TV for a bit as a part of this "finding himself" story. James Storm did it last year and it did his character some good. Might do the same with AJ. Who knows?

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  1. I would have AJ leave his boots in the ring after yet another loss and have him later announce via twitter he has quit. Have Suicide reapear and go on a winning streak winning the X division title from RVD and having fueds with Kenny King, Samoa Joe and Chris Daniels before losing to a returning Jesse Sorenson. Suicide then would be entered into the BFG series were he'd come out victorious only to be revealed to have been AJ all along. I think it would be quite fitting as Daniels was Suicide previously