Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Rant From Ringside: "The Shield" Good or Bad?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Tactix and I have been talking for weeks about how I was going to start writing for this site on Dec. 1st. but life got in the way and I was unable to write something that I was truly happy with. Finally, I decided that I was going to rant about something that got me all worked up earlier on in the week, the interview on RAW this week with the three NXT members now officially known as “The Shield”. Before you say anything, yes Tactix has already touched on this, so a good amount of what I am going to write is going to be a repeat, but I need to clean my soul of this anger. So let’s get started
For anyone who has not read Tactix latest few entries, first of all, what are you doing reading mine without reading his? If you want to see true writing ability, read anything written by Tactix. Second of all, let me introduce you two the three men now called “The Shield”. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins are the three men who first exploded onto the scene at Survivor Series during the CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena match. They have continued their appearances since Survivor Series by helping Punk whenever they felt that he was being treated unjustly. So, you may be asking why I am getting all worked up over something like this.
I guess my frustration with this storyline is multifaceted. First of all, I am getting tired of WWE stealing ideas from TNA. Among the many storylines that WWE has decided to jack from TNA are the whole AJ Styles affair thing with Dixie Carter and now “The Shield” is just a very weak rip off of “Aces and Eights”. Saying this makes my stomach turn because people are actually saying that “The Shield” is more dangerous than “Aces and Eights”. The stupidity of this statement, is mind numbing. There are 8 members of “Aces and Eights” vs. the three members of “The shield”. The most dangerous thing that I have seen “The Shield” do is put Ryback through the announce table. On the other hand “Aces and Eights” are going after people with hammers.
Now, it is not the simple appearance of this group that pisses me off. I mean there have always been groups like this that have popped up and made their impact on the business. In fact, the idea that Paul E Hayman and CM Punk may be leading a small group of talent is kind of intriguing to me. Well, that is as long as it doesn’t turn into another Straight Edge Society. In my humble opinion, Paul Hayman is one of the smartest guys in the business. I was a huge fan of ECW back before WWE got involved with it and I am a huge fan of the guys that came out of ECW. So, the fact that this group has emerged is not what makes me mad. No, what makes me mad is that stupid interview on RAW. The guys could hold their own on the mic I guess. I mean, saying you are good on the mic while a member of WWE is not saying a whole lot. I guess the whole idea that they had an entire interview basically to introduce the name “The Shield” is what pisses me off. I mean if you want to start calling a group a certain name, than bring them into the ring and have them explain it, don’t do a whole interview segment especially when you aren’t quite sure how they are on the mic, that just leaves it open for a Christian moment (for those of you who don’t understand that reference, check out Christian’s first time on the mic in WWE. It was painful).
So, what to do with “The Shield” is really the big question. I feel the only real smart way to deal with this is to finally have them admit that they are in alliance with Hayman and Punk, possibly adding more well known guys to the faction. But WWE needs to keep in mind that they should be original, if they in any way start noticing any more parallels with what TNA is doing with “Aces and Eights”, they need to go a different direction.  


  1. I actually agree that the shield are ripoffs of aces and 8's it's obvious. Wwe seriously needs to stop copying tna storylines

  2. Ok, people need to stop worrying about who is copying who. Aces and 8s are a NWO knock off with their run-ins. Next why don't they start spray painting their logo on wrestlers backs. The Cena + AJ story maybe a rip off of Styles + dixie, but is that really a first either? What about McMahon and Trish? Or Hunter and Steph. That's just what wrestling is reused storieslines with twists. Every stable that is or has ever been out there is taken from the original 4 horsemen like it or not. Look at the premier interview most if not all even try to do the whole Arn Anderson thing and act like they came up with the name on the fly. So you see it makes no sense in getting iritated when one branch reuses anothers storyline. In actuality the copying from each brand should be taken as a sign of flattery.

  3. Anon 2 your a complete idiot who needs to be stabed since when nwo had so many members that held their own against an entire roster never there were alot more aces and 8s members than nwo learn your facts moron

  4. Maybe you should do yours it started with 3 guys then slowly got bigger to the point where everyone was joining just so they wouldn't be jumped. There isn't a set number of aces & 8s just because there showing a few doesn't mean there aren't more. And I guess to you DX were just 2 guys? You really show your intellegence by your name calling and threats.

  5. Well he has a point. The Aces and Eights thing could end up like Nexus rather than a hit if not managed correctly. Stories are rehashed all the time. My main question is if anon 2 has this attitude, why watch it. WWE is woefully poor and struggles most with keeping guys at a top level. They did great with HHH, Rock etc in booking and pushing but they didn't dump guys off a cliff like they are now.TNA has to make this a DX, NWO hit than a failed faction. Focus on their product, WWE will murder their effort eventually.

  6. I say it because I love wrestling as a whole. I don't care who is ripping off who and feel people worry about that to much. Enjoy the stories and look at em like the movies with all the remakes. Some are good some are bad. I agree that WWE has been lacking as of late, but look at what happened during the Monday Night Wars. It took real compitition to get the best stories both franchises had to offer. What we are seeing today is nothing but a pre-Monday Night War and eventually we will get to see what both franchises have to offer. So my comments before where pretty much yeah they reused story lines, yeah they reuse faction concepts, and yeah some of them been played to death. But so what? Just enjoy the stories and quit worrying who is copying who. Even beloved heroes were copies of other heroes. Captian America was copied from the Sheild and Spiderman was from The Fly, but we enjoy them. Right?