Friday, December 14, 2012

TNA vs. WWE: One More Time Part 3. Results

For those of you reading these columns, you're probably wondering why I would put so many men and women into matches on this card. Truth be told, the answer is in the middle of the question. I want as many people to get a chance to represent their respective brand and give the most competitive way of determining bragging rights. So, who wins?

Four Man Tornado Tag Elimination Match
Bad Influence vs. Morgan/Ryan vs. Rhodes Scholars vs. Prime Time Players

One of the perks of writing this column is that I decide how I want to book these things, but I want to be fair about it. I've seen every one of these teams perform and they all can really go. SO, we have to set a couple of guidelines. WHICH MEANS we'll have to split the rules here and allow blood, BUT we will enforce countouts. Under THOSE rules, I happen to see Rhodes Scholars and Bad Influence as the final two teams with Daniels and Kazarian taking the final win.

Ultimate X
CM Punk vs. RVD vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jesse Sorenson vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kenny King

This match is one of my personal dream matches due to the caliber of every performer. I truly would have to toss a coin to determine who I would want to take this win home. My picks are CM Punk or Jesse Sorenson.

Survivor Series Women's Match
Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Eve Torres, and AJ Lee  VS.
Velvet Sky, ODB, Sarita, Taeler Hendrix, and Madison Rayne

With the completely varied styles represented, it becomes difficult to even choose, but if I were to match ODB with Kaitlyn, AJ Lee with Madison Rayne, Sarita with Natalya, Taeler Hendrix with Eve, and Velvet Sky with Tamina, I have to pick ODB as the Sole Survivor with Tamina as the final WWE Diva eliminated.

Legends Tag Match
Sting and Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker

Those of you who have read much of my column know that my opinion of The Undertaker is rather low these days with him only performing one day per year, BUT that not withstanding, I will assume the Deadman is at his peak (whatever that is these days) performance and that HBK has no ring rust since retiring. If I had MY way, this would end in a draw. Why? Truth be told, I believe these 4 legends are as good as we can hope to see in the foreseeable future as all around storytellers in the ring AND each can hold their own leading up to whatever match they find themselves in. In my gut, though, I believe that conditioning would have to win out here and I would pick Sting and Angle to win out in the end.

Fatal Four Way
Christian vs. Samoa Joe vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Devon

Two Attitude Era Superstars and two former ROH champions. I happen to LOVE the possibilities this match could create as NONE of these guys are slouches in the ring. With a bunch of high impact moves, fast paced action mixed with a good old fashioned brawl, I'd pick Christian to stand tall after all is said and done.

6 Man Scramble
Cena vs. Hardy vs. Storm vs. Ryback vs. Ziggler vs. Roode

Nothing would make me happier if Cena lost this match before the match started, BUT since I can't discount him outright, I must consider a few factors. Brawling ability, match type, impact ability, ring tactics, and talent. With that said, only two move to the front in my eyes, Bobby Roode and John Cena, leaving me to put the best balance of these factors as the tie breaker, leaving Bobby Roode standing alone as the victor.

I feel this match deserves a bit more explanation as to how I arrived at my pick. I've watched HOURS of Cena matches first run and in his early years in WWE, he was quite a decent showman. I've also watched TONS of footage on every front of the others on the list and the best heel and the most dominant face HAD to rise to the top. Ryback is still too green, Storm isn't as strong of a face OR heel as Roode. Even Jeff Hardy, as much as I am a fan, he still doesn't have the following as a face OR heel as either Roode OR Cena respectively. All that said, it HAD to come down to face vs. heel to me and Bobby Roode is a much more talented heel than Cena is a face. Simple as that.

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  1. Interesting matches in that blog. I do have to agree on the outcomes of them all. Would be an absolute dream for the HBK/Undertaker vs Sting/Kurt Angle match to actually happen...thank goodness for our imaginations lol.