Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rants from Ringside: Rumors Flying about Aces & Eights

So, a couple of sources have reported that TNA is going to be unmasking at least three new members of the Aces & Eights in the coming weeks. Amongst the names built into these rumors are guys like Chris Masters, Kid Kash and Chris Saben. The one guy that these two sources have in common though is none other than Jesse Sorenson and you know what, that would make total sense.

It was announced a month or so ago that Jesse was close to making his return to TNA and he is such a beloved talent that it would only seem right that he would do it in a big way. But when it comes to the Aces & Eights, it also only fits that Jesse would come back. One of the big rumors is that when everything comes to a head and they start naming their demands, one of the things that they are going to be most fighting for is a push on the X-Division including a return of the 6 sided ring. That last part right there, makes me happy in ways, most people just don’t understand.

So, this is how I see things going down. After more and more members are revealed, it comes time for the Aces & Eights to step up and start naming their demands. This will be done by Taz since he has become the new mouth piece for the Eights. I think through this whole process, D Von is going to start taking a more silent role basically telling Taz what to say. So Taz will step up and start going on about how TNA is not what it used to be. Naming all the ways TNA has wronged them. Then comes the demands, one of which will be a push for a new re-energized X-Division led by Sorenson, Kash, and Saben if my sources are correct.

You may be wondering what has me thinking they will be demanding  a push on the X-Division when all of the guys that has been revealed are big men who would rather run for the World Championship. Well,  I think it is going to be more a push for the way things used to be, back before Hogan stepped in. I think Jarrett is going to step up and try to “win his company back.”
Now, I may be wrong about all of this. Those rumors I have heard may be just that, rumors. All I know is that the idea of guys like Kash, Saben and especially Sorenson becoming part of the Aces & Eights is an exciting prospect that will keep me wanting more. 

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