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Gut Check Brackets 1-8 Picks TFC

So, the other day, Tactix contacted me and asked me to come out of hiding to help him on evaluate the top talents that TNA has chosen to include in the Gut Check Tournament. As Tactix mentioned in his picks, I want to congratulate Rockstar Spud in his recent success. I can’t wait to see what he will bring to the show. It is actually interesting that he has had that recent success because as I was watching Ross Jones’s video, the one guy who actually stuck out more was Spud. But I’m getting off track, Tactix gave his picks for brackets 9-16 so I am stepping up and giving my picks for brackets 1-8. Just like Tactix, I am going to give my top two picks with a little bit of an explanation. So, to not make this article longer than needed let us jump right in.

Bracket 1: Genevieve Goulet and Ross Jones
I will admit before starting to write about professional wrestling, I never really paid attention to the independent promotions. I always got frustrated with poor production value and weak performances, but as I was going through this list there was one name that I had heard of…kind of. Genevieve Goulet was a name that sounded familiar to me, but when I realized it was Lufisto, I knew exactly who it was. Goulet is someone aspiring female professional wrestlers should respect greatly especially in Quebec, Canada.  It was while wrestling in Canada that she actually convinced the Ontario Human Rights Commission to drop a regulation that banned women from fighting men. While dropping that they also dropped many other regulations that opened up professional wrestling to a greater extent in Ontario. I always love watching LuFisto because of her explosiveness and her ring presence. On the other hand Ross Jones, is a more technical wrestler who isn’t real flashy and really doesn’t look the part, but might be a good addition to the X Division.

Bracket 2: Matt Nebeker and Rhett Thibodeauz
I am really surprised that these guys don’t have more votes than they do. Out of a very competitive and talented group of young performers, I think these two men stood out far above the rest. I have been watching professional wrestling on a constant basis for about twenty years and when I look at Matt Nebeker, I see a guy who knows the business. I see a guy who has a love for the business and I see a guy who could go a long way. The same can be said for Rhett Thibodeauz, except I with Rhett, I would also have to say, I see Rob Van Dam. Clearly, the guy is trying to imitate RVD. I mean many of the moves he does, how he puts his body on the line time after time, even down to the leotard is all reminiscent of RVD. I think both men would be an incredible asset to TNA. Nebeker I could see being in the X-Division and Thibodeauz could be a go between for both the X-Division and the world title.
Bracket 3: Josh Kelley and Lazaro Gonzalez
Out of a group of mediocre performers these two were the top…I guess. Needless to say the guys from 

Bracket 3 were not my favorite. In reality, I don’t think anyone from this group should ever step into a wrestling ring again.

Bracket 4: Veronica Carrejo Tommy Sinkfield
Now, I know some of you are going to be questioning my judgment on one of these two performers, but just wait for my explanation. Veronica Carrejo should win this bracket, if she doesn’t she was robbed. She has a knockout body, pun intended, she is a great in ring performer and she knows how to keep the fans entertained with her mannerisms.  So you may be asking why I even bothered to have Tommy Sinkfield on here if I am such a fan of Carrejo, well, it’s simple, I needed a second person and he is the one who kept me the most entertained. Especially watching him trying to lift that behemoth they put him against.  

Bracket 5: Eric Haraksin and Michael Cochowiczq
There is nothing I love more than to see someone come out there and do something fresh and unusual. Eric Haraksin a couple times in the video provided by TNA did some moves that I had either never seen or had only seen a few times. I think that type of creativity is one of the things that the business as a whole is missing these days. On the other hand you have a guy like Michael Cochowiczq who is a fast high flying crazy son of a gun who is fun to watch. He reminds me a lot of Jeff Hardy and there is always room for another obscene talent like Jeff Hardy.

Bracket 6: Adrian McCallum and Edward Gillette
This is the first time I have totally 100% agreed with the votes so far. I think Adrian McCallum is by far the best of this group. There were a couple others that kind of showed some potential, but McCallum looks like he has been doing big show level work for many years. Gillette on the other hand has some weak spots in his game, but he has the look and I do believe that with more practice he could definitely be a contender in the business.

Bracket 7: Tina San Antonio and Michael Oberegger
I promise I am not only picking Tina San Antonio because she is beautiful. I really do think she has great talent. I think the Knockout Division would be the perfect place for her and I would like to see what they would do with her. Michael Oberegger is one of those guys who I think is good. Not great, but good. I think with a little bit of work, he could be great, but I do think he was the best of the guys in his bracket.

Bracket 8: Sami Johnston and Pete Agostini
This is another one where I completely agree with the fans. I Normally wouldn’t be so sucked in by a guys promo, but Sami’s promo about the number three was just awesome. I love it when a guy comes out an just knows how to work the mic. Hopefully he is as good in the ring as he is with a mic. Pete Agostini  I am not going to lie, I first thought was too old to finally be hitting the big time. But after watching him perform, I think he would fit right in with the big boys in TNA. He is strong he is big and he knows how to wrestle. I really wouldn’t mind seeing either of these guys on the TNA roster.
So, those are my picks from the first eight brackets. I know this is super long and I am sorry about that. As always thanks for reading.

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