Thursday, January 10, 2013

Survival Tactix: Arch-Angel.....

It's a hard thing not to look at the horizon at the lights across the opposing team's lines, but in spite of what's going on up north, I'm wanting to talk about one thing right unsung hero of TNA that is still waiting his turn. When he came into the company in the first days of its existence, it couldn't have been known the kind of success he would have. His tenure would include 8 Tag Team Title reigns, 4 X Division Title reigns, and a 2004 World X Cup Trophy. I'm referring to Christopher Daniels.

He comes with a fanbase all his own as a title holding, world class level talent, capable of carrying a match with anyone on TNA's roster, making his opponent look like a million bucks in the process. I, for one, am a HUGE fan of his work and I firmly believe he deserves to hold the TNA World Heavyweight Title before his time to retire comes up, which according to the man himself, "isn't anytime soon".  Within the same interview, done with a Scotland radio show, he claims the World Title as a goal for the future. And why wouldn't he? He's as top notch a talent as any in the current running as far as I can tell.

What does TNA management think of "The Fallen Angel"? First, they don't even try to script him because they know he can go with whatever story they plan to pitch. He works VERY well with Kazarian, who I might add, is also a candidate on the list for advancement as well. His service to the product has led him almost as far. Daniels is also very adept at making his place on the card one of the most memorable matches on the PPV in every outing. Do I believe he'll conquer that championship goal of his? Possibly, just not this year if the climate of the Tag Team Division remains as it is. TNA knows he is one of the most versatile men on the roster, otherwise he'd have been pigeon-toed into the X Division forever. Simple as that.

His role in the year is going to be interesting if he winds up being the winner of the Bound for Glory Series if it's kept in place as it has been the past 2 years. How would THAT sit in the minds of TNA critics if ALSO AJ Styles is holding shares the same stage at Bound for Glory in contention for the big belt? If my understanding of the posts on forums and chatter on messageboards is accurate, not very well, considering those critics are painfully down on the rivalry as they've seen it before, but then again, how many Wrestlemanias did Steve Austin and The Rock been a staple of? THREE. 16, 17, and 19. I am only stating that the number of times they've met SHOULDN'T matter if the build is done well enough, but for some odd reason, it does to them.

Austin Aries won the World Heavyweight Title last year. 6 months before returning to TNA, he defeated Aries at Ring of Honor's Glory By Honor PPV. Is it possible he could do it again on TNA's terms? In Aries' first run with TNA he never won the X Title, but this time he won both World and X far as I'M concerned, nothing is off limits......

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  1. No offense to Daniels, as I am a fan of his tag team work with Kaz but I just don't see him as the World Champion. Daniels/Kaz to me are the best tag team in all of pro wrestling right now (yes, more entertaining than Team Hell No). I can actually see Kaz being a champion before Daniels. Daniels although supremely talented, is viewed as not having "the look" of a World Champion. If TNA were some indy fed than yeah Daniels would be champion, but look at the guys that have been TNA Champion. They are all marketable guys. Aries is CM Punk-esque which makes him marketable. Jeff Hardy needs no explanation. Kurt Angle is marketable as a top level former WWE guy and olympic champion. Sting is a legend. Daniels biggest handicap is that he's just not very marketable as a world champion, and he's really small (smaller than Aries even). I wouldn't mind a Daniels title run, I just don't see it happening though. Daniels will most likely go down in the pro wrestling equivalent of "The Dan Marino Zone"... a supremely gifted athlete who never got the brass ring. He's going to be joining Rowdy Roddy Piper, Mr.Perfect, and Dean Malenko.