Monday, January 14, 2013

Survival Tactix: At Least There's Thursday....

I've given some food for thought concerning Genesis and, even though my outrage was mild, I still strongly believe the situation is salvageable. This week is the wedding, which instills a morbid curiosity  I have nothing to compare against. SOME would dismiss Genesis and call for TNA's demise, but I think it FAR premature for that. I'd even go so far as to say it was MUCH better than anything that came from 2010. That was a low point I hope never to see again.

Despite what Genesis did or didn't deliver, Thursday offers something more important.....answers. By that, I mean that we'll get some kind of understanding from Anderson as to where he truly stands in this story and perhaps even what his part is to play in it. Remember, this marks week 8 leading into Lockdown. Things, hopefully, will begin to move rather quickly as we ramp up towards the caged PPV and I see the World Title situation heating to a boil right now, with Christopher Daniels in the on-deck circle.

We've got 3, perhaps 4 members of the faction that have been revealed. If there's to be a Lethal Lockdown match, we'll need 4 or 5. This year promises to close the book on the Aces and Eights and that means putting everything into proper place before playing it out. If there are to be 5 members revealed, I have some picks if they do NOT include the leader. These have changed significantly from the beginning, as events have unfolded to shift where things were headed.

1. Chris Masters......
I badly want to see him back on the world stage as he is one of the few remnants of WWE past I could see making a difference in TNA. He's still young enough to start fresh, but he's old enough to know how that's done. Some will call him a "reject", but truthfully, I couldn't care less. I was a fan of his work in WWE and I was a fan of his work with Ring Ka King in India. Things are bound to go up from there.

2. Jay Bradley.....
One of two most recent Gut Check Challengers, he's been traveling with the crew and I think he'd be a HUGE asset to the company. Why? Because he provides yet another brawling personality to work with and THAT, folks, is something TNA needs right now. Matt Morgan, D.O.C., Mike Knox, and now Bradley could provide a new generation of big men in the business, which would lend some credibility to TNA as a producer of such talents.

I have speculation concerning which direction TNA is going to take this Lockdown PPV, and I'll keep that on hot standby for sometime in the coming weeks. In the meantime, watch the patterns and wait for things to materialize.

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