Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Brackets.....

I've been doing a LOT of video watching and comparison making amongst the many MANY names on the voting list for TNA's new Gut Check format. From all of those candidates....I believe I have narrowed those candidates to the final EIGHT. I'm VERY curious as to TNA plans to run the bracket format once each bracket has been narrowed to 16 candidates. If things run in a true bracket as they would be in college or professional tourney form, I think I can narrow the playing field to a select few qualified candidates. NOW, as for the final four? THAT would be a HARD question to answer without knowing the 16 winners from each bracket.

1. Genevieve Guellet
2. Adrian McCallum
3. Carl Wilson
4. Michael Cochowiczq
5. Chase Stevens
6. Adrienne Reese
7. Sami Johnston
8. Jesse Sturgeon

I WOULD include a couple more, provided that TNA is wanting to put more emphasis on their Knockouts Division....

Tina San Antonio and Holly Davis

I believe TNA has some precedence in putting names on this list that will appeal to a certain brand of TNA fan. The fan I'm referring to is the hardcore, old school, 6-Sided-Ring-loving, King-of-the-Mountain-watching, Full-Metal-Mayhem-infused wrestling enthusiast. For those of you who follow the indy circuit closely, you'll know that some of the best and brightest current names are here. Sugar Dunkerton, Lufisto, Sami Callihan, Athena, and OMEN highlight the list and Chase Stevens from the former TNA Tag Team Champions, the Naturals round out TNA's potential gold mine picks.

In other news, Dixie Carter has made the statement that there is an announcement coming that should make for interesting television. Could it be a recruitment announcement? Maybe. The launch of the new show I've been predicting for so long? Perhaps. How about a MAJOR acquisition? It's a possibility. Point is, TNA is keeping a tight lid on what news the President is wanting to share with the TNA viewing public.

The running belief, right now though, is that TNA is taking their show on the road this year, only holding the bare minimum number of shows in the Impact Zone. This is important in putting the critics in their place. Since the company is still in its early stages, I believe this is another experiment to determine just how ready the public is to support the WWE alternative brand. MY challenge to those reading this right now is to GET OUT THERE in DROVES and bring every skeptic you can get your hands on with you.

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