Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Survival Tactix: Breakthrough....

Before I return you to my top ten feuds of the decade, I have OTHER news.....

FIRST.....DVD distribution company Silvervision, the very same distributor for WWE, will be distributing for TNA in Europe once their current contract runs out later this year. Additionally, they are legally able to sell WWE stock through mid-year.

What does THIS mean?
Provided the relationship with TNA in the first year goes well and there is some progress made on the marketing front for the brand, Silvervision COULD terminate ties with the giant in favor of the underdog in the United States as well. How about THAT for a reversal of fortune? That leads me into a question I don't have ANY idea how to can TNA escape years of faulty booking, questionable releases, and downright counterproductive business decisions? That, my friends, will take a couple more years of upturn and consistency in the quality of their product.

In other news related to TNA's upturn, there are a couple of potentials that would be GREAT additions to the roster, provided the judges feel the same.....

Brian Cage and Jay Bradley have both made hints that they have been contacted for future Gut Check Challenge spots. If you haven't seen either of these guys do their thing, you are sorely missing out on some high quality workmanship on the ring ropes, as it were. I look forward to EITHER of these guys in TNA so long as they get some freedom to break loose.

If the signing of new talents and potential surrounding the futures of wayward Aces and Eights members on the roster as well doesn't speak to the notion of TNA branching out into even taking a second show viral, they way they used to in the months before they were signed by Spike, I don't know what does. Somebody tell me I'm mistaken.

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