Sunday, January 27, 2013

Survival Tactix: Consistency.....

TNA has put some distance in between us and THEM, if you all know what I mean and the current climate of the brand is finding some kind of stable ground to stand on. Since shortly before the Bound for Glory Series finished in 2011, TNA has had a decent run of things. I defy ALL the critics who say that they need to rebuild or revamp or overhaul or rethink or......just put away the thesaurus and listen closely.....TNA is a BETTER product than it was when the Hogan and Bischoff regime came in and in the past year and a half, they've elevated some pretty impressive top tier talents into the main event picture.

THIS is what TNA needs more than anything else in the world. Consistency. Right now, they have that. They're taking their time with storylines and though the time of standstill was hard to watch with the Aces and Eights, the rest of the show helped carry the momentum through. TNA is on the precipice right now, looking over the possibility of a big risk.....a second weekly show.

I know, I've made the prediction before and for the past year, it hasn't come to pass, but it IS coming. If you're wondering where the hold up is, look no further than the mirror. It's up to the fans. Those of you in the UK, you guys make Impact look like a MILLION bucks. From those of us who ACTUALLY care if TNA improves, I would like to send a big "Thank You" to you. Your energy is inspiring and it makes ME believe we can do the same here.

I've heard enough rants and burial attempts by columnists claiming to have the "best interests" of the wrestling business at heart. If you really want the truth of the matter, those who say they want TNA to succeed and yet continuously nit pick whatever complaint is cool for the day are just as big a reason for people not watching as anyone else. I crossed the line completely years ago and I've never been sorry I did. This blog has been a bastion of hope for all those who believe something like what you in Manchester COULD happen here in the States......and elsewhere.......


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