Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Survival Tactix: Conspiracy Theory....

Suppose I were to tell you that TNA's Aces and Eights storyline's weaves and twists ultimately will lead to the biggest FACE turn in TNA history. You'd want to know two things, right?

1. HOW could the heelish tactics of the faction lead to this turn?
2. Is there evidence?

Let me go ahead and warn you that SOME of the information may become SPOILER information in the coming months. SO, if you don't want to know even a POSSIBLE future scenario, turn back everyone else? Go ahead and continue.....

FIRST, what kinds of things does a faction need to take over? AT LEAST one man on the inside who could be a recruiter, someone who could let them into the Impact Zone. Who could be on the inside?

November 29, 2012- Wes Brisco is on the chopping block. Three judges are required to make these cuts happen and Al Snow is nowhere to be found. Snow ALWAYS appears in the prior AND future Gut Check Challenges. Who volunteers to take Snow's place? D-Lo Brown. Does that make him a MEMBER? No, but it DOES mean he could be involved.

September 13, 2012- In a segment with Kurt Angle, he introduced an old friend to some of the wrestlers involved. His name? Wes Brisco. Wes Brisco is then featured in miscellaneous other segments and COULD be the spy on the inside letting the faction in. Granted, the faction was getting INTO the Impact Zone before that time, BUT there was a time when Hogan put the Zone on lockdown....remember? How did they get in at THAT time? Were they locked IN?

Here's something else to consider.....what MAY be some demands of the Aces and Eights?

Let's look at an interview with Jeff Jarrett......

Did you catch it? Hesitations from Jeff Jarrett as it involved a question concerning the 6 Sided Ring....could THAT mean the ring MIGHT make a re-appearance? What about King of the Mountain? Could THAT come back once the demands are finally brought to light? If TNA Creative and the Hogan regime backstage one day sat down a made a bet that a Jarrett-led faction could win over the ENTIRE TNA fanbase in a single night with the culmination of the Aces and Eights demanding TNA's  past be put right back where the regime found it.....would you buy in?

SOME of this is speculation, but SOME has been talked about and even debated about backstage. You decide which is which and go from there......

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