Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Survival Tactix: Deal Breakers....

First thing's first, I'd like to welcome back my tag team partner here, TFC. Fighting off illness is awful any day, but doing so during the holidays brings a whole profundity to the idea. It's nice to have a second perspective here on the posting side of things. I also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year from this column.....

Having said THAT, I have to use this column as a reaction to the newest post from my partner here. I have to face the facts....there are some finishing moves we may never see again on TV. Nevertheless, it doesn't keep me from hoping Petey Williams will return home to TNA where he belongs. SO, in the face of that disappointment, I would like to give a New Year's gift to all of YOU......these are my top 5 Finishing Moves of 2012. Here's the only rule......the move must have been pulled off on TV in the past year. Without any further ado and in no particular order.......

5.) Kenny King.....The Royal Flush

There really is little to say about this that does the footage justice, only to say "Eat your heart out, Lesnar."

4.) Christian York.....The Mood Swing

This move may not have been the game changer in this match, but it IS intended to be his finishing move. Fact is, I have NO clue how Ion kicked out of it. Maybe now that his future is clear, York can make the move stick. You'd all do well to just watch the whole match. It's worth it, but the Mood Swing made me really believe he'd be the one to end the Gut Check curse and win his match.

3.) Daniel Bryan.....Guillotine Choke

Of all the moves in WWE, this submission has the most credibility, particularly if associated with THIS piece of footage. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Bryan Danielson's work and this is a nice addition to the WWE brand for proper execution.

2.) Austin Aries......Brain Buster/Submission Combo

Anyone who watched this live KNOWS what I'm saying when I say that Austin Aries took the phrase "Insult to Injury" to a new level right here. I still cringe when I see this.

1.) Jesse Sorenson......To Be Announced.

TNA has yet to give this finisher a name, but in my mind, this looks nasty. Modifying the Mood Swing is tough enough, but executing it....that's special. Some might call this foreshadowing with my posting Sorenson's finisher here, but the way I see it, this is a tribute. See you soon, Jesse.

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