Saturday, January 5, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Devil's Advocate....

I've given up.....really. Seriously. I've given up on cynics and naysayers.....on all those who truly believe TNA has crossed the point of no return. I'm done skipping like a broken record, defending what a lot of the critics already know to be true.... order for me to finally put this matter to rest once and for all, I'll play the part and give the main complaints and even reveal some promising news to boot.

"TNA can't put out anything original...."
I hear it all the time....what baffles me is that the SAME people believe WWE, ROH, or any other federation putting on wrestling shows are ground-breaking. NOTHING is original anymore. The trick, I've found, is twisting things in such a way that makes people think, react, and respond. Good or bad, Aces and Eights have done the job in that regard. People talked. I'll even agree with some of the critics and say that it went too long without forward movement and that if the momentum of the second member reveal had carried into a THIRD reveal at Final Resolution, we may be looking at a different scenario. The problem is, WWE made their OWN little stable at Survivor Series. Let the comparisons fly......point is? No one really cares at the end of the day. If The Shield were to be booked in a match against the Aces and Eights with No DQ rules, they would be DESTROYED. No one can argue....simple as that. The numbers game is won by the house with the higher numbers.

The problem with this argument is that the person posting it is almost always resolved to not believe whatever comes as a rebuttal. It gives no credit to ANY part of the story, characters, or the details along the way.

"TNA needs to push their ORIGINAL talents, not the former WWE guys...."
IT NEVER ENDS! For nearly a YEAR, there were NO former WWE guys holding the World Title, which is always the headlining act on a TNA PPV. SOME had a tantrum when Jeff Hardy beat Austin Aries at Bound for Glory. I defended the decision here as it MADE SENSE. Hardy asked fans for another chance to redeem himself for Victory Road 2011. A year later, he's clean and has been the model representative for the company and is moving merchandise like MAD. It makes LOGICAL sense for TNA to play it safe and give some other talent something to aspire to.....dethroning the champion, just like anyone else.

On average, TNA has pushed 2-3 new talents to the top of the card per year since the regime took over two years back. Bobby Roode and James Storm were new to the top tier in 2011. In 2012, Austin Aries and Bully Ray were primed for the top of the card. GRANTED, Ray was a WWE guy, but since he's been with TNA, he's become one of the best heel characters IN WRESTLING. Not just TNA. Since his relegation to the number three story in the program, he's been put in a face role....kinda.

FURTHER, there are OTHER performers on the roster now who are getting MORE than enough TV time. Joey Ryan, Matt Morgan, Daniels, Kazarian, and the newly contracted Christian York. Christian, since his Gut Check Challenge, has been in a match on Impact ALMOST every week, meaning that TNA is impressed with his poise and look in ring AND out.

"TNA needs to pick up big names...."
I will NEVER understand this argument. EVER. Less than half of their roster is former WWE talent and you want TNA to pick up more former WWE talent WHILE complaining that TNA doesn't push their homegrown talents? How does THAT work? So we'll have TNA pick up Batista and then job him out to Robbie E. and never give him a push. Seems like a waste of money to me. THIS is the cause of a CATCH-22. TNA should pick up big names, but they need to push their homegrown talents. You can't have both in this case. If you pick up big names, they HAVE to serve as enhancement talents, putting over those same homegrown talents TNA needs to you see the fallacy?

My question....why not bring back some former TNA names? Now THAT, folks, brings me to the news of the day.....

TNA has announced TWO separate tapings at 3 hours a piece during Genesis weekend January 12.
The first will be X Division THEMED, featuring some HUGE TNA X Division names. Among them are Matt Bentley, Amazing Red, Jerry Lynn, AND the biggest TNA fan favorite, the Canadian Destroyer, himself.....Petey Williams.

The second will feature the return of the ultimate tag team shake up....the Joker's Wild Tag Team Tournament. The tourney picks teams at random, with the winning teams advancing to a 12 Man Gauntlet Match with a 100,000 dollar purse.

Both events have surprise appearances to boot and the speculation is that they MAY replace next month's PPV, Against All Odds. Anyone ELSE care to argue with emphasis?

From now on, no broken record columns, no more WWE rants unless they have been asked for by YOU. I am a fan of TNA and so, I will keep TNA at the forefront of my daily dose of perspective... I appreciate the patience in bearing with this final farewell to cynics and haters. It's been real, but I'm not playing anymore.

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  1. The complaint about "former WWE guys" is kinda moot......since the company was started by a former WWE(F) guy. If TNA wasn't doing a good job pushing their product, then the complainers wouldn't even know what it is. Personally, I'm kind of ready to see Jeff Jarrett come back. Let's put him on TNA's side and give him some new rivalries with the Aces & 8's, especially since I believe a lot of the reasoning behind him going to Ring Ka King had to do with the fact that they were just recycling oppponets for him. Now, there are new people for him to interact with.