Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Survival Tactix: Get Your Vote On.....

For all of you interested in having a hand in the forward movement of TNA, the following information is CRITICAL:

TNA has opened up a brand new format for Gut Check involving fans in the selection process. The link is already up on TNA's website.

Gut Check Voting

My partner and I, over the course of the coming days, will highlight some of the bright spots in each bracket. No matter what kind of wrestling you like, there is PLENTY on the VERY long list of indy talents. 16 Brackets make up the revised Gut Check Challenge format. On each bracket are 10 plus talents looking for a contract to the big dance. Without spoiling any of the coming highlights, I'll just say that TNA has some of the BEST indy circuit performers looking for a spot on the roster.

By TNA handing some of the roster building to the fans, it give US the power to determine what we want the revised roster to look like and THAT, my friends, is what this business is all about. We become the shareholders in a wrestling company on the rise. The last interview with Dixie Carter saw her calling this year a possible "tipping point" for the company if all goes according to plan. If the plan calls for the best things on their roster to be given an emphasis reborn from the early days of the promotion combined with that of 2004-2009, we could be in for a ride the likes of which WWE could only HOPE to achieve.

Regardless of your choice, we ask that you jump over to the site and let your voice be heard on the ballot. This is NOT something that comes along everyday and THAT is what makes this set of circumstances special.

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